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This is the walkthrough for Daxx in Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal.

Charge Boots

To get the Charge Boots ignore the Hypershot course and head left from where you have landed. Kill some Floranian Blood Flies and before crossing the gap, kill the giant bot with the Shock Cannon or Nitro Launcher. Jump across the gap, and make a left. Before going to where the enemies are, pull out the Flux Rifle to destroy the giant bot flying above in the air. Kill more Floranian Blood Flies and go to the small building ahead. Pull out the Flux Rifle again to destroy the giant bot ahead of you which should be in your sight. Either use your wrench or the Plasma Whip to kill more blood flies. Jump up to the next area and kill some more flies. Go to the bridge nearby and deploy use the Holoshield Glove to protect you against the three giant robots. Kill the blood flies using the Spitting Hydra or Plasma Whip if they get near you. The holoshield will level up pretty fast here, so go behind one and pull out the Flux Rifle and snipe the bots. Head left of the small area and jump across. Your reward is in that small building, and now you have got the Charge Boots! Before leaping to the bottom, look right to score The Plumber trophy!

Daxx Facility

Go use the Hypershot across the water and make a left and hop on the circular platform. There will be sentry bots, so be careful! The barriers nearby will break after a few shots, so I suggest pulling out the Nitro Launcher or the Spitting Hydra. After they are killed, go forward to meet some more sentry bots, and dispatch them. A giant bot will come after a few more steps, kill it. Make a right and jump to the next area. There will be more sentry bots, so be careful and use the Nitro Launcher. After doing that, jump to the area to the left. Be prepared with the Nitro Launcher again to take out the enemies behind the pillars. Try the Flux Rifle on the guards on the towers. Before hitting the switch get out the Miniturret Glove or the Spitting Hydra to take the enemies out behind the door. Snipe the guards on the boxes with the Flux Rifle. Once you meet the giant bot farther, throw some miniturrets, hide behind the barrier, and watch it die. Ignore that door ahead, and head left down a slope. Nitro Launcher will easily take them out, or if your out of ammo, use the Spitting Hydra. To destroy the giant bot, use miniturrets or the N60 Storm. Swing your way across the gap and whack the small bots with your wrench. Use the Hacker on the station and clear it. Enter the door, and fight some more enemies. I suggest using the Miniturret Glove to clear some enemies because the next area is a war zone. The Nitro Launcher will help a lot too. After killing the enemies, turn right and jump up there. Throw some miniturrets to kill enemies and the Nitro Launcher should be used. After killing them all, press the switch on top of the little area. Use the Charge Boots to zip your way across the room and enter the door that was closed in the last room. Now be careful here because it is a little cramped. Use the N60 Storm or Nitro Launcher. At the end of this area will be a titanium bolt! Backtrack and go back to the area with the switch and use the Hacker on the door nearby. Go past the door, and throw some more miniturrets. N60 Storm will work wonders, so will the Nitro Launcher. Once all of the enemies are defeated, go to the door ahead and use the Hacker. Go through the door and watch a small cut scene.

Right Path

Equip the Hypershot and swing your way across the water. Go to the path on the right and jump up the platforms. Use the Hypershot again to swing your away through and activate the switch. Jump across the gap, and use the Hypershot again to trigger the switch. Now swing your way across. Here is where it gets fun! You will have a giant war ship chasing you firing missiles at the platforms. Once it has hit the platform, the platform will break. Ignore the war ship and make your way across the platforms. Wall jump to the next area. Get out the Hypershot and prepare for more platforming! Be wary of the war ship in front of you, do not let it distract you at all. Now it has stopped chasing you once your done with that small jumping section. Now use the Hypershot again, to activate the switches and swing your way across the sea. This section is fun because now your limited to one platform. Be careful here, the war ship is now attacking you again. Bring out the Hypershot once more to do some more platforming. Now it is pretty straightforward, keep going along the path, until you get to the Continue Point. There will be a Gadgetron vendor and a Teleporter. Refill your ammo if needed, and use the Hypershot. Time for a boss fight!

War Ship

You are in a circular platform so you are in danger. The boss fight is quite easy, just remember to dodge a lot. I find it good to use the Nitro Launcher. You can also use the Annihilator for a fast run.If you want you can spread some turrets with the Miniturret Glove. All in all, it is a pretty easy fight. Once you have destroyed it, Hypershot to the next target. You will be in a dome shaped building and have a sweet treat for a cutscene…

Hidden Items

Titanium Bolts

There are 2 titanium bolts on this planet.

  • Before leaving on the Taxi on the right path, look to your right and Hypershot away to the bolt.
  • Before the final Hacker station, press the switch on the alcove. Use the Charge Boots to zip your way across to the door that was locked in the circular room. Now clear this small area and the bolt will be in the end.

Skill Points

Ratchet can obtain one skill point on this planet.

Bugs to Birds


There is one hidden trophy in this planet.

Plumber: From where you found your Charge Boots, go outside and jump to the right and go on the small platform there. Your reward is on this platform.

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