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This is the walkthrough for the Dayni Moon in Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters.

Searching for Luna

Once Ratchet lands, he will see a path in one corner of the landing pad and a teleporter leading to a Clank Challenges Arena. Finish all of the challenges for armor and bolts. Once that is done, head to the vendor to purchase the Shock Rocket. Equip it and head down the path; kill the three Dayni Weresheeps before they can transform. Head down another path to find two Mimic plants and a Mechanoid v2; kill it QUICKLY. Ratchet cannot take more than two to three hits from its Shock Rocket before dying. thereafter is dead, enter the barn to confront a flock of Weresheep. Jump onto a bale of hay to avoid their gnashing teeth. Once they are dead, go back outside and bring each Mimic Plant over to each patch of Electro-soil. Jump up each springy flower that shoots up. Run up the path to find Luna. She will release a pack of Weresheep, so run back down the path and hover to a small alcove in the barn. Not only does this nook have a titanium bolt, it is an excellent sniping position. Kill all the Weresheep with the Sniper Mine from here. Finish off any survivors with the Lacerator and Shock Rocket. Once that is done, go through the door Luna ran through. Another Mechanoid v2 will be pacing back and forth on a bridge across the gap; kill it with the Shock Rocket or the Sniper Mine. Once it is dead, go through the door at the end of the bridge Ratchet is standing on. He will come onto a platform with four hay houses on it. Get ready for the toughest non-boss fight in the game yet; Weresheep will come charging at Ratchet out the houses; strafe them to kill them. Once they are all dead, retrieve the Mimic Plant in the left (the door's left) and plant it. It will throw you at a springy flower; jump on it to maximum height possible, then hover towards a platform to the left. Take your time; even with the very best jump Ratchet will only barely reach the next area.

Pursuing Luna

Destroy the two Mechanoids guarding Ratchet's ticket. Alternatively, Ratchet can avoid them by simply unlocking the tower's door. This area is also a jackpot for bolts; there are at least twenty crates to be looted. Once the guards are dead, retrieve the Mimic Plant that produces the short flower. Lead it into the tower and plant it in the Electrosoil inside. Jump up to a ledge with a titanium bolt; retrieve it and kill the springy flower. Next, lead both Mimic Plants to patches of soil leading up to the next area. Jump up the flowers and go to the door. Luna will activate a series of deadly farming machinery inside the building. Before entering the hall of doom, collect the bolts and Nanotech around Ratchet. Inside the hall of doom, pass through the machines one at a time. Again, take your time, there is no need to hurry. On the other side of the hall of doom are a few crates and some Nanotech, along with a vendor.

Defeating Luna

Luna Battle

Ratchet battling Luna

Before engaging Luna, load up on Nanotech and ammo.

Recommended weapons to use are the Agents of Doom, Lacerator, Shock Rocket, and Bee Mine Glove. Upgrade at least the Agents of Doom and Lacerator to the max.

At the end of the Dayni Moon level, Ratchet reaches a crop field. Luna appears in an aeroplane that tries to mow down Ratchet with machine guns, based on his last known position (to her) after the previous pass. The middle is the best spot; move left or right to dodge her bullets, then move back to the middle. Luna then deploys some sort of harvesting device. She then tries to run over Ratchet with it. The player has to jump and avoid objects in the field in order to escape from her, she cannot be harmed in this part. As long as you are ready to jump and dodge in this part, it is fairly simple to complete. Weresheep will occasionally come at the player from left or right; again, stay in the middle. After escaping her first attack, Ratchet jumps onto a platform in a cutscene and has to dodge falling rocks. Take an unpredictable, random path around the arena and try not to get hit. This part lasts for around 30 seconds.

Now a battle between Ratchet and Luna breaks out. The best weapon for the fight is the shock rocket, with it you can defeat her without running out of ammo and the need to upgrade it is very urgent. The first crates are Nanotech. Use it wisely, after breaking the first 4 Nanotech crates only ammo crates will come. Repeatedly deploy the Agents during the battle; their support will greatly aid Ratchet in this lopsided battle. Luna's initial attacks are use of the harvester and shooting 3 darts of electricity 2-3 times at Ratchet from the harvester per pass. See the seven vertical lines of electricity spread across the harvester? That's where the darts come from. Jump or strafe to the side to dodge both attacks. The three seconds Luna takes to turn around after use of the harvester can be used to blast her ship. After you deplete around a third of her health, Luna will begin firing poison bombs at Ratchet. These are easy to dodge; simply stay away from the yellow crosshairs and the resulting gas clouds, shooting at her all the while. After launching 3 poison bombs, she'll try to use the harvester on you again. She also might fire 5 darts at you. She will alternate between these two. After you deplete the second third of her health, she'll launch 5 or more poison bombs, then 7 darts, at Ratchet. If she tries the harvester, use the downtime when she turns around to get more ammo. Finally, you have defeated Luna.

Inside Clank

Shortly after, Clank was malfunctioned by the Technomites who controlled Luna. Ratchet's mission was to kill the Technomites and fix and reboot Clank. Enter Clank - to be taken to a new level.

Robot War III: Part 2

If you wish to battle against the enemies at the Robot War III, take the Teleporter to the Clank Arena. You can battle against the enemies and win prizes, bolts and a new transforming weapon, the Mootator.

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