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Death was the state of no longer being alive in the case of any sentient being. Normally, the term was associated with organic life forms, although it has been used to describe the destruction of sentient robotic beings as well. Several deaths have occurred throughout the Ratchet & Clank franchise. In some cases, characters thought to have been dead have come back in some manner, but most deaths are realistically consistent unless there is a logical way for the character to survive.

Notable deaths

  • Victor Von Ion - killed when Clank activated the sprinklers onboard The Phoenix, resulting in his death via short circuiting due to his body's weakness of water.
  • Drek - after being turned into a sheep by Dr. Nefarious, was then placed into a shuttle and sent by the mad scientist on a crash course with New Quartu.
  • Luna - the robotic puppet made and controlled by the Technomites, was defeated after Ratchet and Clank blew up her ship on Dayni Moon, sending her plummeting to the ground, shutting down her CPU and killing her.
  • B.A.R.N.E.Y - was destroyed by Clank when the latter shot a single Tie-A-Rang at him, causing him to explode as he attempted to assassinate Captain Qwark.

Minor deaths


Mungo - was killed in battle during the rescue of Luna, which later turned out to be a set-up.

Possible deaths

  • Max Apogee - it is belived that he may have been killed by space pirates after they raided the Apogee Space Station and he had pursued them. Although he may have alternatively used the Dimensionator to escape to another dimension.[1]
  • Darla Gratch, a prominent news reporter in the galaxies of Solana and Bogon, was shown at the end of almost all of her reports to be seemingly killed; as she signed off, the threat she was reporting on (i.e. Ameboids, Protopets, Tyhrranoids, etc.) would appear behind her, about to attack. Despite this, she would always reappear reporting news again, suggesting she either somehow survived or was rebuilt afterwards or that there was multiple Darla Gratches.
  • The Thug Leader - fought Ratchet and Clank several times, may have been killed in his final confrontation with them. The game ambiguously canon game Secret Agent Clank has it that he survived.
  • Dr. Putridson and his partner - The two Protopet scientists appeared to have been eaten by the Protopet in Going Commando, but appear watching the "Secret Agent Clank holo-film" in Up Your Arsenal.
  • Fred, the former weapons accountant for the Blarg at BTS, was completely obliterated on Annihilation Nation by a red laser immediately upon entering the Death Course. He had; however, apparently died several times before, but was shown to have survived these events, causing his final status to be unknown.
  • During Dr. Nefarious's initial attack in the Great Clock, it is possible a number of Zoni were killed in the chaos by the Nefarious troopers and Hypersonic Brainwave Scrambler; however, it is more likely that they had evacuated and teleported away, as it seemed that all 117,000 had been returned to the clock in the end of the doctor and General Azimuth's chaos, in addition to the 40 rescued by Ratchet.
  • Klunk - apparently died over two years prior to the events of Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time. Dr. Nefarious, discovering his death, was originally going to name the Tombli Outpost on Zanifar the "Klunk Memorial Work Camp and Day Spa." However, Klunk's lawyers prevented this from happening. The ambiguously canon game Secret Agent Clank game has it that Klunk did not die in either his battle with Ratchet or Clank, and that he survived in vacuum form even though everyone else believed he had died.
  • Orvus may have been killed by the blast of the Hypersonic Brainwave Scrambler in the Tombli Outpost. This was implied when Nefarious mockingly said that Clank's father might still be alive had Ratchet and Clank finished the doctor off earlier during their final battle. His fate was still unclear, even to Nefarious and Pollyx, who had no idea what happened to him, as he could have teleported himself away before being killed.
  • Mr. Klink was put into a scenario where he may or may not have died by Artemis Zogg after unsuccessfully being able to stop Ratchet, Clank, Glahm, Cronk, Zephyr, and prisoners from escaping the Vartax Detention Facility by being ejected out the airlock into the depths of space.

Characters who have died and been revived

  • Captain Darkwater - was killed when his first mate, Romulus Slag, double-crossed him. All crew members loyal to Darkwater were also killed; however, Darkwater had placed a curse on himself and his crew, forever binding his soul to his body so that they would all come back as undead pirates if ever he was disturbed. This later happened, bringing back Darkwater alongside Slag in one body. Darkwater was later killed again by Ratchet and Talwyn Apogee, destroying his body, breaking the curse and permanently putting the undead pirates to rest.
  • Captain Slag - was killed and in combat by Ratchet, who infiltrated the pirate's fleet of ships in the Ublik Passage after he stole the Dimensionator. Slag's body was blown to pieces, his head landing in the hands of Rusty Pete. The disembodied head of Slag told Pete of a glimpse of the afterlife before shutting down; however, Pete later managed to revive his captain by rerouting his memory banks to his vocal processor, allowing him to regain his speech and mind. After a failed attempt to utilize Darkwater's body as Slag's own, during which the two were forced to share a body, Slag was left in this restrained but living form.
  • Ratchet - was killed by a treacherous, enraged General Azimuth in the Great Clock; however, Clank managed to safely get inside the Orvus Chamber and reversed time by six minutes, preventing his friend's death.


Ratchet or Clank could endure premature deaths during gameplay from a variety of causes. This would happen by loss of Nanotech, drowning in water, falling off a cliff or building, being eaten by a Pool Shark, or getting vaporized. These deaths were always non-canon, as they did not occur in the storyline, but as a simple gameplay mechanic.

Behind the scenes

Dan Johnson, a former Insomniac Games employee, sadly passed away on December 2006 during the production of Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters. The game gave a memorial to him as well as Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction being dedicated to his memory.


  • In at least one case, Ratchet got knocked out due to the aforementioned rather than killed; in Ratchet & Clank on Batalia, The Plumber had said he was the one who dragged Ratchet out a defenese turret when he had sustained too much damage from Blarg warships. Most lethal damage; however, only made sense to end in death (i.e. falling in lava or being eaten).
  • In Ratchet: Deadlocked, every once in a while when Ratchet died, Merc would say "Now, pay attention this time." This implied that Ratchet could have been somehow revived, since Merc actually knew that Ratchet had died; however, one of the skill points on Stygia was "Complete any challenge without dying."
  • Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time witnessed the most amount of in-game, on-screen deaths to notable characters.
  • The only deaths to major characters known to be directly caused by Ratchet and Clank were Drek, Luna, Slag (temporarily), Sprocket, Darkwater and Vorselon; this does not include minor bosses or enemies throughout the various missions.


Notes and references

  1. Space radio broadcast by Kip Darling and Pepper Fairbanks.

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