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The Decoy Glove was a weapon manufactured by Gadgetron Corporation which created an inflatable copy of the user that fooled enemies into attacking the wrong target, offering time for strategy. The Decoy Glove become available to Gadgetron's product lines at the time Ratchet reached planet Pokitaru.

The Decoy Glove was a pretty expensive weapon compared to its usefulness. Players often found it handy to throw down multiple decoys at a time when dealing with strong, dangerous enemies. If the player has the Persuader the product could be purchased for 5,000 Bolts.

This gadget was similar to the Doppelbanger, found in later games.


Gold Decoy Glove

This upgrade gave the decoy more durability and when destroyed created a larger green explosion. The decoy becomes a Ratchet silhouette with red eyes and a malicious smile.

Mega Decoy

This upgrade was available in Going Commando. It added more ammo to the Decoy Glove.

In-game summaries

"Decoy Glove! Fool your enemies with this eerily lifelike DECOY." - Vendor description

"Ever want to distract your foes while you sneak past unscathed? The Decoy Glove creates customized, inflatable dummies in your own likeness! Your enemies will attack the dummy, while you sneak past them (or attack them from behind!)" - Normal Version Help Menu

"The Decoy Glove has always been one of Gadgetron's more entertaining weapons, and the Gold Decoy Glove is sure to earn a permanent place in your armory. Not only does it have a brand new look, but it now will automatically damage any enemy who attacks it!" ~Help Menu Description (Gold Help Menu Version)


  • Another glitch was found in Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando. Throwing a decoy when on a different gravity direction due to Gravity Boots allowed decoys to be thrown onto walls or ceilings, to create a decoy standing on the wall.
    • This allowed players to easily complete the Impossible Challenge in the MegaCorp Games, since enemies would target the decoys but be unable to actually hit them.
  • The next glitch was found in Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando. When the player was battling Swamp Monster II, and if the player deploys a decoy on a lillypad platform and the Swamp monster destroys the lilypad, the decoy will float into the air and the swamp monster will try to destroy the decoy which will take long.That will give the player an enough time to attack the swamp monster or think of a plan.
  • Another glitch was found in Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando. When the player is with the MegaCorp tour group, you can throw decoys on the bridge to block the Fizzwidget tour guide. He will eventually fall into nothingness, and never come back.
  • In the HD version of Ratchet and Clank in the Blackwater City, the player could glitch themselves into a wall allowing them to get to the hoverboard race track on foot. To do said glitch the player would have to go to the corner on the left (your left coming out the elevator leading to the room) of the room where you can enter the race and throw down a decoy while zoomed in. [verification needed]


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  • The Decoy Glove has been exploited by many players. It is used to force the player into barriers walls, or other areas not intended for visitation.
  • The Decoy Glove was the icon for Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando in a PS2 memory card.
  • A real-life version of the decoys the Decoy Glove creates were made.
  • The Dopplebanger is similar to the Decoy Glove.
  • The Help Menu description of the Gold Decoy Glove (seen above) incorrectly stated that enemies sustained damage if they attacked a decoy, which was not the case.
  • The Decoy Glove was featured in a weapons testing advertisement. A dummy of a boy named Corey was placed in the middle of the road, while his distressed mother ran out to it as it was run over by a car. The real Corey then fled behind a house.
    • Curiously, in the aforementioned ad, the Decoy Glove is referred to as "The Inflatable Decoy."
  • In an early version of Ratchet & Clank, the Decoy Glove was named the "Inflato-Ratchet Glove." [verification needed]


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