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Destroy the signal transponders was one of the missions Ratchet had to complete in the Maktar Nebula.

After Find a way to the Thugs-4-Less Jamming Array, Ratchet had to find a way to destroy the signal transponders that were interfering with the broadcast of the Galactic Gladiators commercial. He did this by exposing the transponders' cores by turning a large bolt with his OmniWrench and then damaging said cores until they blew up, destroying the transponders in the process.

The transponders; however, were guarded by MegaCorp saw-bots and MegaCorp Chickenbots.

After destroying all the transponders, Ratchet returned to the Maktar Resort. On the way back, while still in the taxi he had used to get to the Array, Ratchet was contacted by Mr. Fizzwidget and shown a commercial of the Desert Riders, which granted Ratchet the coordinates to planet Barlow.

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