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The Disc Blade Gun was a Gadgetron weapon that shot saw blade-like discs at enemies. Once a disc was shot at an enemy, it would home in on that enemy. Ratchet could first purchase the Disc Blade Gun on Obani Gemini in the Zygan System for 175,000 bolts. This was more expensive than the Annihilator, but the Disc Blade Gun was more powerful. The Disc Blade Gun had a medium-slow rate of fire, a bit faster than the Annihilator. At V3, the discs could ricochet off enemies. This was useful for groups of enemies because the disc would home in on an enemy after ricocheting off on another enemy, allowing multiple hits. However, this weapon's major drawback was its ammo capacity: it remained at 25 even when upgraded to V5. The Disc Blade Gun was similar to the Chopper and the Buzz Blades. At V5, it upgraded to the Multi-Disc Launcher, which had discs that would multiply after each ricochet for up to 16 discs at a time.


Version Improvement Power
V1 - 500
V2 Discs ricochet off walls 600
V3 Disc ricochet off enemies 1,400
V4 More damage 2,400
V5 Multi-Disc Launcher After ricochet, a new disc is made 3,600


Unlike the Chopper and other weapons, V1 and V2 discs did not ricochet off enemies, they would rather explode on them.


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