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Distribution Center

The Distribution Facility was a massive Protopet distribution center located on planet Smolg. The Distribution Facility was owned by MegaCorp and was being used to send the Protopets to other planets in the Bogon Galaxy. The main parts of the whole facility were the enormous Warehouse Ship and the Shipping Yard, the rest being composed by several small ships that were waiting to be loaded with Protopet Crates. The whole facility was heavily guarded by both MegaCorp Robot Guards and Two-Headed Smolgian Snappers, as well as by Grulchs.

After watching the log entry which Angela Cross stole from the Thugs-4-Less Leader, Ratchet and Clank decided to explore the Distribution Facility and see what they could do prevent the protopets from being sent to other planets. Unfortunately, when they arrived, it was all too late. The first planets that fell victim to the protopet infestation were the planets Damosel and Grelbin, although it is likely that other worlds were infested as well.

Distribution Facility - 2

Ratchet explores the Smolg Distribution Facility


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  • The Warehouse Ship in the Smolg Distribution Facility was could stock up to 10 million crates, and with 100 Protopets per crate, that would mean that the facility stocked 1 billion Protopets.
  • Although Ratchet first intended to shut down the facility, he merely explored it before he travelled to either Grelbin or Damosel.


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