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This is the walkthrough for Dobbo.

Once you land on this planet, there will be a weapon vendor; restock on everything and buy weaponry if needed. There is also a MegaCorp armor vendor; if needed, buy new armor. Once you are done, you can use the teleporter to go to the factory, or keep going past the armor vendor.

The Mathematician

First you jump on the another platform with a MegaCorp armor vendor. After that you will see some MegaCorp Chickenbots; these enemies are not that hard at all. I would recommend the OmniWrench 8000 V2 or a starter weapon like the Heavy Lancer. After that you will see MegaCorp Troopers which are quite hard. I would use a Lava Gun/Meteor Gun. Once you have defeated the troopers and got hurt you can use the a pink Nanotech crate to the right where troops came from. When you turn left you will see Chickenbots and two Dynamo targets which will make platforms. After you zap the two targets and jump on them, you will see a MegaCorp ammo crate. Smash it if you use a weapon. Then jump onto another platform which will have two Troopers and health. Defeat them and then go up to the barriers and get your Pulse Rifle/Vaporizer then kill the tank. There will also be Troopers there too. Come up and smash them into pieces then use your Swingshot and swing to the other side. There will be two Troopers behind barriers and a lot more behind those two Troops. And there are two health boxes; one is blue and the other is pink. Exterminate the two Troopers and get ready for a lot more gun firing. I recommend you use Synthenoids/Kilonoids and a great gun. Before you do that use a Pulse Rifle/Vaporizer to kill a MegaCorp Trooper at the top of a big tall platform. After the bit you fight you might need to go back to the MegaCorp vendor. Climb up the big block and turn left. Here's a Swingshot target; you could use your Swingshot or jump either way, it doesn't really matter. Annihilate the two troops and do not fall down unless you want to kill them for fun. Exterminate a Tank bot and a Troop. After annihilating the Tank, swing on a Swingshot. Turn right and run but do not jump on another platform unless you want to make it harder. Use the Pulse Rifle/Vaporiser and vaporise the Troopers, especially on the tall block. After terminating the robots and using the Swingshot target to pull yourself to another platform, immediately defeat a MegaCorp Trooper. After the death of the Trooper, jump over to the platform ahead. There is a room left of the platform which has a little vent. Which you need to put a Spiderbot/Tankbot Glove that you can purchase at planet Joba to get a special bot. Use the Dynamo and jump to the other side. Your last enemies on this track are here. Then use your Swingshot to get to The Mathematician.

Thugs-4-Less Fight

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You will have to defeat the Thugs-4-Less Leader with Giant Clank and he will give you a movie to MegaCorp Games at Joba where you will get two new weapons. the Plasma Coil and the Spiderbot Glove.

The MegaCorp Factory

Go to the teleporter and teleport; you will see some MegaCorp Sentinels. Use a strong gun like the Seeker Gun/HK22 Gun and smash those up and move forward. There will be a MegaCorp Security Turret so watch out get a Lancer out while you are crossing the lines of electricity and use a strong gun to terminate some Troops. Then go down and shoot some bad guys. When you go on the bridge get prepared for some green Blade Ball v2.0s which are more tougher than the ones that are red. The bottom part seems to be almost symmetrical so keep shooting and go through the track after you get up on to the lift. You will see a Tank there waiting for Ratchet. Annihilate the dangerous Tank and swing to the other side; there will be a lot of Dynamo targets soget past them (you will have to be very swift at this part). Go up to the top and there will be a movie. After the movie, use the glider and follow the bot (this is very hard). After Ratchet completes the Electrolyzer puzzle you will guide him to the Teleporter and there will be a movie which is classified; if you are watching this you are fired. This movie is about the Protopet and Ratchet talks to Abercrombie Fizzwidget who is not paying attention. Before you do this, you have to pay 10,000 bolts to play it.

Hidden collectibles

Platinum bolts

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Skill points

Old Skool: Kill every enemy (including the ones in the factory) using only weapons from the original Ratchet&Clank. No wrench allowed. Dukes Up: Kill the Thugs 4 Less Leader with Giant Clank using only your fists. PS: Do not shoot the choppers either, they count. Robo Rampage: Destroy every building on Dobbo Orbit

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