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This is the walkthrough for Dobbo Orbit in Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando

Thugs-4-Less Leader

Start off by launching a bomb, then catching the leader in a combo of punches; when jumping, landing feet-first on him does a good deal of damage as well. The leader will mostly be using his own missiles and a punch if you get too close without punching. The missiles take a lot of health out you, so be sure to punch helicopters and demolish buildings for health and ammunition. Repeat the combos of as many bombs as possible (Try standing in bomb ammo to maximize the effect), then punching the mech as much as possible. Once you get him to half-health, he will start using his own bomb attacks. You can tell when this attack is coming when the screen turns red. Do not strafe out the way, jump as high as you can. Repeat this procedure and the leader will be dead. Defeat him with punches only for the skill point "Dukes Up."

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