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Doctor Bots were surgeon/security droids at the Medical Outpost Omega. The Doctor Bots played a by part in Emperor Otto Destruct's scheme to create Ratchet Clones. They were equipped with a laser cutter used for surgery and self-defence and a shield emitter to protect allies.

After Ratchet was captured and taken to Medical Outpost Omega, the Doctor Bots were charged with extracting and studying Ratchet's DNA. While Ratchet ventured through Dreamtime, the Doctor Bots were able to extract enough of Ratchet's DNA to fullfil Otto's plans. After Clank helped Ratchet, waking from his strange dream, a Doctor Bot tried to prevent them from escaping, but Ratchet, burning with resentment, destroyed the Doctor Bot. The remaining Doctor Bots were either destroyed by Ratchet or obliterated when the Medical Outpost Omega exploded.



  • In combat, Doctor Bots would team up with the Mechanoids; the Doctor Bot using his shield emitter to protect the Mechanoid, and the latter standing infront of the Doctor Bot, shielding each other.
    • This very similar to Team Fortress 2's Medic plus Heavy combo, in which the Medic can "ÜberCharge" (make both the Heavy and Medic invincible for a short period of time) so that the Heavy can mow down enemies while not fearing death or damage. It is unknown as to whether or not this is directly copied off Team Fortress 2 or if it is merely a coincidence.
  • The Doctor Bots also served as security bots, helping the Guard Torsos and the Mechanoids in preventing their "patients" escaping the Medical Outpost Omega.
  • The Doctor Bots appeared to work under Luna, seeing as she was the one responsible for creating and testing the Ratchet Clones.


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