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Blarg Capitalization

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Dreadgrub 22b
Dreadgrubs are large grubs native to the Deadgroves of planet Magnus. They tend to travel in groups. Despite their size, these creatures will attack anything that moves. They roll up into balls, as they smash into prey with their spikes on their back. A single hit will take them out. They are mostly found in the Deadgrove, but a few are found in N.E.S.T There are many forms of them, deep in the abyss of the Deadgrove, is a Abyss Dreadgrub which is basically the same thing except being more of a blueish color. The Grivelnox spits out Fire Dreadgrubs which are red and on fire. It's unknown if this is an adult creature or maybe a grub of the Magnus Grove Beetle.



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