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This is the walkthrough for Dreamtime in Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters.

Escape Dreamtime

Ratchet will start off on a small island, seemingly back on Pokitaru—but appearances can be deceiving. Notice that Clank is missing. Smack the huts behind Ratchet for bolts, jump across the stepping stones to a second island, where thin air will explode into rubble and several syringe birds will come at Ratchet. Kill them, then collect more bolts from the huts. Jump through the hole in space to find a strange nightmare. Run down the path to find a vendor and crates; load up on ammo. Jump on the umbrella to cross the gap, but beware, standing too long on an umbrella will make it collapse. On the other side, Ratchet will encounter a Mimic plant; ignore it for now. Run down the path and kill the appearing syringe birds, then go back for the plant and sprout in a patch of Electrosoil at the other end of the path. Collect the crates, then hit Qwark's head to make a Hypershot target; jump across. On the other side, collect the crates and run therefor to the end of the path. Avoid the giant eye, because if it sees you you are dead automatically. Jump over the umbrellas to a platform with a bunch of crates. Sprout the Mimic plants, make more Hypershot targets, and go back. Swing to the giant hat-shaped platform. Run around the rim of the hat, kill the syringe birds that appear, and dodge the chainsaw. Hose down the chainsaw doctor with Lacerator fire, before jumping onto the first umbrella. Turn around, jump, and Hypershot to the top of the hat to find a Titanium bolt.Go back down, wait for the umbrellas to come back up, then carefully jump over to the next platform. Run for the landing pad, avoiding the lethal gaze of the eyes—and behold Ratchet's waiting ship. Except it's never that easy. Avoid the glowing chainsaws as they cut the landing pad into six pieces, and kill the appearing chainsaw doctors. Jump onto the platform where Luna appears, then enjoy the ride to a long chain of Hypershot targets. Swing over to the next platform, collect ammo and bolts, and observe the LOOOOONNNGGG row of eyeballs. Wait until the right row is looking directly at Ratchet, who should still be on the beginning of the path, then make full steam for the end of the path. After the touching cutscene, swing over the gap and jump over to the large building to find what appears to be Ratchet's garage, albeit with one accessory; a large mirror. Go over to it and shoot the emerging syringe bird; breaking the mirror before the bird emerges will lead to at least eight emerging. Exit the garage, and swing over to the waterfall platform. Kill the appearing syringe birds, collect the crates, then run over to the ladders to the right of the waterfall. Jump up them, collect any ammo and bolts, and jump onto the moving platform. As it takes Ratchet to the next platform, several chainsaw doctors riding moving platforms of their own will appear to try to cancel Ratchet's ticket. Kill them or dodge their attacks; it doesn't matter. Jump onto the building platform to find ammo and regular crates; stock up as needed. Go inside to find another mirror; kill the emerging syringe bird. Step onto the moving platform for another ride, killing the groups of syringe birds as they appear. Jump onto the rock platform, and kill the appearing chainsaw doctors. Use the Clank heads as cover against their attacks. Destroy the next wave of doctors and the wave after that of syringe birds. After a while a set of Hypershot targets will appear, so swing over to the bolt shaped platform. This is a clue; look to the left of the portal to see the distinct shine of a Titanium bolt. Shoot at it with the Lacerator, then jump over the rows of crates to reach a portal and the Titanium bolt in front of it. After that, stock up on ammo and jump through the first portal to find a gauntlet of syringe birds and chainsaw doctors. After each wave of enemies is defeated, go through the portal that appears afterward. Note that this is an excellent area to level up weapons.

Giant Clank/Klunk Battle

Eventually, Ratchet will enter a massive arena. Giant Klunk (or Clank?) appears, just as Ratchet's weapons shatter into butterflies. Now he must avoid the giant Ultra-Mech's attacks. These include butterfly bombs, butterfly shockwaves (when Giant Clank/Klunk jumps into the air and lands), and butterfly blasts ripping through the ground towards Ratchet. The fight will be near its end when Giant Clank/Klunk begins to grenade spam Ratchet. Not getting hit a single time will earn an achievement.

Titanium bolts

There are three obtainable titanium bolts in Dreamtime, even though it seems hard.

  • The first bolt can be found on the top of the hat where you find the chainsaw-throwing mad doctor. Before you jump over to the three umbrellas, use your Hypershot at the platform before the umbrella. You will automatically be pulled to above the hat. There you will find the bolt.
  • The second bolt is before you enter the building with the mirror, go to the side of the building where you will find some tangle roots. Jump over it and there you will find the bolt.
  • The third bolt is where when you go on the bolt-like platform. Before you enter the black portal, there is a floating bolt if you can find it. Use your Lacerator, enter the first-person view and shoot the bolt. You will be teleported near the bolt with you on some floating exploding crates. be fast to avoid the crates from exploding, and jump quickly to the bolt and the black portal.

If you were very fast to reach the bolt and the portal, you will be teleported back to the bolt-like platform and you can see the floating crates explode.

Skill Points

  • Friends Do not Hurt Friends - do not get hurt by Giant Clank during battle.
  • Night Terrors - complete "last island" (fights on giant bolts) in less than 45 seconds.

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