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Drek's Fleet consisted of six enormous Blarg warships that Drek used for invasions. It served as Drek's main base of operations. Ratchet and
Drek's Fleet

Ratchet explores Drek's Fleet

Clank visited the Fleet while it orbited planet Veldin. Ratchet and Clank took out Drek's defenses with the starfighter here.

The Ships



RatchetSizeMatters "Let's just stomp around until we squish it!"

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  • There is in fact a sixth vessel in Drek's Fleet. It is a relatively small vessel with two massive engines on pylons. The class of this vessel is unknown as it is an inaccessible area. It is located in front of Drek's Flagship, and is also where Drek had his meetings with the Novalis Chairman, Qwark, and his soldiers.
  • It is unclear what happened to the fleet after Drek's demise. It was most likely wiped out by the explosion of Drek's planet when it was destroyed.


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