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This is the walkthrough for Drek's Fleet in Ratchet & Clank.

Infobot for Veldin

When you land down, you will notice there are two ways here, a teleporter on the far side and a water tanker below, go to the teleporter first as that is the most important. When you teleport you will end up in a small ship called the Missile Cruiser. Go through the door, but first put on the Hologuise. There will be one sentry-bot here with NO ALARM BUTTON Sneak up on him with the Hologuise and execute him with your wrench. Turn on your Hologuise and enter the door. Wave to the sentry-bot and wait for him to deactivate the shield. Go behind him and kill him with the wrench. You may keep the Hologuise off for now because the next room is filled with Robodogs v2.0 and a trip laser. Jump over the laser and kill the dogs with whatever weapon you want, it doesn't matter. Walk through the door and use the teleporter.

You will end up on the Dreadnought a larger ship. It is CRUCIAL that you keep your Hologuise on for the next rooms because there will be heavy security. Put it on and enter the next room. You will see two trip-lasers and three sentry-bots that patrol in and out three compartments. Each bot has an alarm near it and you do not want them to press it. Here is how to get past this. Wait for the bots to move into the compartments. Quickly switch from hologuise to Ratchet and jump the laser. Switch to Hologuise immediately, as the sentries will be about to come out. Optional: If you want to kill them all, follow one into a compartment as the Hologuise and assassinate him from behind with the wrench. Repeat for all three. Turn on the Hologuise and enter the next room. One trip-laser and four patrolling sentry-bots lie in this room. Also, do not try anything stupid, if you do and they catch you, you are FINISHED. So, wait for the sentries to go into the compartments and quickly turn off the Hologuise, jump over the laser and turn it on. If you want, you can follow the sentry-bots into the compartments and kill them like in the previous room. When you are done, proceed through the door with the Hologuise ON. If the sentry behind the forcefield sees Ratchet the two sentry-turrets near it will open and kill you. Wave to him, get behind him and assassinate him. Proceed through the teleporter.

You are now on the Light Cruiser. Use a well-placed Visibomb to kill all the Robodogs v2.0 at the end of the room. Equip the Swingshot and proceed across the magma pool and lasers. The next room will be difficult. About eight Robodogsv.2.0 with four sentry-bots wait for you. [with Hologuise on] enter the room. Wait for three of the four to go into their compartments, quickly equip the Blaster and gun down the sentry-bot standing by the alarm. Put on Hologuise. Wait for the sentries to go back into the compartments, switch off Hologuise and kill as many Robodogsv2.0 as you can in three seconds with the Blaster. Switch onHologuise after about three seconds before you are caught by the sentries. Repeat until all Dogs are dead. Once the Robodogsv2.0 are all dead use the Dreadnought sentry-bot technique to kill them, follow them into the compartments and kill them inside. Go through the door and wave to the next sentry-bot. you know the drill.

Ah, at last. You are now on the Flagship. Notice the plasma-door on the side of the room. This will be explained later. For now, go out on the Gravity Boot Ramp following it until Helpdesk gives you a warning about the plasma-cannon turrets. Turn into the hangar and use the jet-fighter to destroy all the turrets and Blarg saucers in the area. Land your ship and proceed into the Flagship. Walk the Gravity-Boot walkway and avpid the sweep-lasers. Kill all the Robodogs v2.0. Before going through the door in the middle of the hall, take the one to the side,[use Hologuise] Kill the sentry-bots quickly with the Devastator. Proceed through the door and across the laser grid. Go through the door. You are back in the Flagship after going through that shield door. Procced back, take the other door, take the elevator, and receive the Infobot.

Swimming through the Water Tanker

Let's do the water tanker now. Just like the Coolant System at Quartu, you will need the Hydro-Pack. First, jump into the water and dive. Those three circles will open the door. Pass all of them to open the door. Swim through and rise up. You will see the water is electrified, so press the button to turn them off. You have to swim QUICK or you will be electrified. You have 1 minute and 20 seconds to pass through. Once you passed through, you receive the Codebot. Ride the submarine to return to your ship.

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