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Control Room

Ratchet and Clank sneaking into the Flagship's control room

Drek's Flagship was the main ship in Drek's Fleet. It was where that the Infobot with the coordinates for planet Veldin was kept. Drek ruled his empire from the Flagship's control room.

Aboard this ship Ratchet had to walk on the ceiling of the ship and even walk on the outside the ship, which required the use of the Magnetboots and the O2 Mask. Later, Ratchet acquired a small fighter ship for the third and final time, which he used to destroy turrets attached to the Water Tanker's hull, allowing him to travel to the control room without getting obliterated by the turrets.


Drek's Flagship is where he is shown in almost the entire game. It was there that he ordered Qwark to "take care of" Ratchet and Clank, talked to the chairman of Novalis, communicated with his Robot Lieutenant, and told assassins to kill the duo.


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