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The Drone Device (originally named the Defense Droids [1]) was a Gadgetron weapon that Ratchet that was first available for purchase on Hoven. When activated, it released six hovering bots that protected the user from incoming attacks or enemies.

Once equipped, these bots would circle around Ratchet, and would take any damage from enemies he would have otherwise sustained. Other weapons and gadgets could be equipped while the bots were there, but they would disappear if Ratchet entered his ship or left the planet. If he got close to an enemy, one drone would home into the enemy and self-destruct, killing the enemy. If the player has the Persuader the product could be purchased for 5,000 Bolts.

In-game summaries

  • "Defensive Drone Glove! Surround yourself with a screen of point defense bots." - Vendor Description
  • "Whenever this device is selected from the QuickSelect menu or Weapons menu, it will automatically deploy protective Defense Drones. These drones will absorb damage from incoming attacks, leaving your hands free to use other weapons.

If any drones are destroyed, simply select the device again to replenish your orbiting friends." - Help Menu Description.


  • The ammo of the Drone Device is misnamed in Ratchet & Clank as Drone Glove ammo. The color code of the weapon's text is also incorrect. It is white, while other weapons' texts are light brown.
  • The Drone Device was originally planned as a glove-type weapon (which proves the above fact) but it was changed later. The developers forgot to rename the ammunition.
  • If one deployed the drone device while being attacked by the machine gunners at the Gemlik Base, they would zoom up and intercept every shot until they disappeared, lasting quite a while. This could possibly cause a sound glitch, where the sound would loop and continue even after they disappeared, continuing until the player left the level or shut the game.
  • The Drone Device, like every other weapon in the game, was meant to have a Gold version, but it did not make it into the final game. The gold version can be unlocked by using a cheat device, but the appearance of the drones do not change, unlike the other weapons that have a gold version. Since it was not supposed to exist, it had no definite quick-select symbol, but instead had a chicken crossed out, similar to that of a "no parking" sign, a possible joke to the notion that gamers do not tend to be women, as in "no chicks." (Link to codebreaker codes, guide with Gameshark V2/Action Replay V2 codes)
  • Despite what the Help Menu description states, Defensive Drones cannot protect Ratchet from incoming projectiles even though bullets count as projectiles.


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