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The Dual Vipers (named Machine Gun pre-release) [verification needed] are a pair of Viper Blasters/Sub Machine Guns manufactured by Vox Industries. The weapons fire blaster fire at a very high rate, but there was almost no visible recoil, as Ratchet was capable to dual wield them. They are the best choice for small and medium enemies.

The Dual Vipers upgrade to the Dual Raptors which fire blue holographic bullets that, when reflecting, have a homing ability on any interactive object. However, they must be in extremely close proximity and the reflective ability also appears to be affected by Aiming Mods and have more power when reflecting. Upon leveling up to 99, the bullets turned multi-colored (all weapons in the game did this) but only changed color upon ricocheting/reflecting.

Although they are rather powerful against many of the earlier enemies in the DreadZone, its usefulness was slowly surpassed by more powerful and destructive weapons. A drawback of the Dual Vipers is that their quick rate of fire drained ammo very quickly.

In-game description


The Dual Vipers are sure to please even the most hard-boiled weapons fanatics in the galaxy. The nano-optic refire technology and unparalleled ammo capacity promise a better tomorrow for all DreadZone contestants.

Behind the scenes

Cut in-game description of the Dual Vipers

Dual Raptors

Dual Raptors


The Raptor (cut v3 form of the Dual Vipers)

Not the set of twins you want at your bachelor party. The Vipers move so fast, you miss it if you blink your eyes. Tangelor says, "Do not even blink, just remove your eyelids or you will miss all the action."

The Dual Vipers were originally going to have 3 forms, rather than just 2. The final form was not a dual weapon, but a fusion of the Dual Raptors that fired a single, but deadly beam.


  • The Gangsta Guns cheat makes Ratchet tilt the right-hand gun when he fires, emulating a stereotypical "gangsta."


Version Power Alpha Mod
1 10 Aiming Mod
2 17 Speed Mod
3 25 Speed Mod
4 32 Speed Mod
5 40 Ammo Mod
6 45 Ammo Mod
7 50 Aiming Mod
8 62 Ammo Mod
9 70 Ammo Mod
10 80 Jackpot Mod


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