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This article gives Dual Vipers usage tips.


Alpha Mods

To maximize its effectiveness, equip the Dual Vipers with:

3 Speed Mods

5 Ammo Mods

1 Aiming Mod

1 Impact Mod.

Speed Mods make sure that the Vipers get a very high rate of fire, allowing it to take down an enemy or groups of enemies faster. The Ammo Mods give the Vipers from 200 to 300 slots of ammo. This is very necessary because the Vipers will be chewing through ammo if you use them continuously. The Aiming Mod allows better auto-targeting, especially enemies far away. The Impact Mod is there so that if you use it on a Medium-Sized enemy, there is a better chance that you knock him down.

Omega Mods

A good strategy is to equip the Dual Vipers the Shock Mod. It is good against a group of enemies as it shocks the other enemies when one enemy is shot.

An alternative strategy is to equip it with the Acid Mod instead of the Shock Mod. It is good against strong enemies and very helpful on grindrails as you do not need to shoot the target many times because the acid kills the target very quickly.

Another strategy is to equip them with the Freeze Mod instead of the above two mods. This mod helps against all enemies that are not destroyed in a few shots and it slows them down and eventually freeze them when hit. It helps greatly to use this method against enemies such as the Executioners.

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