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Dukes Up is a skill point in Dobbo Orbit in Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando. It is obtained by defeating the boss using only melee attacks.


This skill point can be difficult because of the sheer difficulty of fighting the boss. However, if you can avoid taking too much damage and get a good amount of hits in before he temporarily flees, you should be able to beat him quickly and without much hassle. When you are low on health, try destroying some of the moon's buildings, as they can sometimes carry Nanotech, as do all of the helicopters. Jumping and landing on the boss can also do quite a bit of damage to it, as well as get you within range for other melee attacks, so it is a very effective approach tactic.

Another key would just be patient as the longer the fight goes on the more he will flee, so do not over pursuit or you will go down quickly


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