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Elaris was Qwark's second-in command of the Galactic Rangers. She provided support via the communication station.


Elaris served as tech support for the Galactic Rangers, usually providing gear and tactical support. She was the brains of the Rangers and mostly preferred to think plans through before putting into action (something that Qwark and the other rangers tended to ignore).

During missions, she stayed by in the main ship (sometimes with Clank), mostly providing support on the sidelines. After Novalis's destruction, she provided the plan to invade the Deplanetizer with a Hologuise.

Character Details


Her skin is light blue with dark blue markings along her face and hands, and her eyes are green. On the back of her head, she possesses two dark blue horns that curve downward.


Elaris is socially awkward around big crowds.[1]




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