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Elite Grungarian Brawlers are better trained and better armored versions of standard Grungarian Brawlers that fill the ranks of the Grungarian horde.

Description and abilities

In their red colored armor, Elite Grungarian Brawlers can withstand twice as much enemy fire then normal Grungarian Brawlers. In addition, instead of using their bare hands, or in their case, tentacles, they have metal boxing cloves instead. When they do their normal attacks using these metal boxing cloves, it creates a small shockwave, making their attacks much more damaging. Besides new armor and stronger attacks, they act and look basically the same as standard Grungarian Brawlersand thus be treated like one but with more vigor.

Elite Grungarian Brawlers first appear on the second trip to the Hidden City of Balkai, planet Ebaro, replacing the Grungarian Brawlers.

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