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The Elite Grungarian Tank was a more advanced version of the Grungarian Tank.


Elite Grungarian Tanks first appeared in the Hidden City of Balkai, Snow Storm, and were reddish brown, with an orange node at the back of them. They were a lot more powerful, and their armor was more resistant to gunfire. They had the same strengths and weaknesses, but still required time and patience to kill them.

Elite Grungarian Tanks are first encountered in the Hidden City of Balkai, planet Ebaro during your second visit. They replace the weaker standard version of the Grungarian Tank.

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The Elite Grungarian Tank could be purchased for 7,500 bolts, which replaced the typical Grungarian Tank for the remainder of the match. It looked exactly like a normal Grungarian Tank. After replacing the older model, the Elite Grungarian Tank would cost the same amount as the previous version, about 5,000 bolts for one tank. It fought and moved just like the previous model, but its armor was way more resistant to gunfire, making the already tough foe even stronger. The same tactics at a higher extreme were required to take it out.


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