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Elite Grungoids were Grungoids that had been equipped with better armor than standard Grungoids. Unlike standard Grungoids, they could withstand an additional punch or wrench swing. Otherwise, Elite Grungoids acted just like regular Grungoids.

These Grungarians first appeared at the GrummelNet Plasma Harvester, Proteus VII, along with standard Grungoids. They then completely replaced standard Grungoids in further combat against the QForce in the Hidden City of Balkai, planet Ebaro, second visit.


  • Elite Grungoids are the only type of Elite Grungarian to appear in the same level with a non-elite Grungarian class, i.e. standard Grungoids.
  • Elite Grungoids are the first Elite Grungarians to appear in the game. Oddly enough, they appear before all other forms of Elite Grungarian classes appear, which first appear in the Hidden City of Balkai on planet Ebaro on the QForce's second visit. Elite Grungoids; however, appear on the previous level, which is the GrummelNet Plasma Harvester on planet Proteus VII.


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