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This is the walkthrough for Endako in Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando

Rescue Clank

To rescue Clank, turn left at the start of the level. There is a vendor at the start, just in front of the ship on a balcony. There are floating rubbish monitors and lamp-posts that can be destroyed for bolts. Have you not bought the Pulse Rifle, now would be an excellent time. Approaching the black steel door, there will be an Electrolyzer repair circuit. this shouldn't be too hard, and when it is complete, you will be introduced to the MegaCorp Sweeper Bots. They only will ever take one shot from the un-upgraded Lancer, so do not worry too much about them unless they are in a large pack. To the left of this room are two MegaCorp Laser Bots, which shouldn't be too much trouble, as you are standing on a ledge. Two or so Chopper discs should do it for each one. After that, there will be another Electrolyzer circuit, slightly harder than the first one. Now, there is a crane control. finishing that circuit, you will be able to operate heavy machinery, so the skill point says. To gain the skill point, you will need to kill 10 robots with any implement linked to the crane. For this room, there is a large crate that you can pick up and use to squish the robots without using any ammunition. Once done having your fun, take the crate and stack it against the opening in the wall. Disengage the crane, climb through and walk out the tunnel. Now, face another Laser Bot, jump across the two floating platforms and meet the MegaCorp Rivet Bots. They fire rivets, but are not all that accurate. Take him down, and jump to the other building by the stairs. Inside the room there will be a group of sweeper bots, easily cleared with the Gravity Bomb, or the Mini-Nuke. To the left will be another crane control center. Now, the fun begins. You will find that you can pick up the Laser Bots, and aim their lasers downwards. Awesome! This way, you will be sure to pit one enemy against the other an take down all the robots without too much stress. Drop the Laser Bot (and he explodes!) and pick up the red, explosive crate. drop it in front of the steel door, and it will explode, leaving you with a platinum bolt. Returning to the Crane room, stack the large indestructible crate against the other, more obvious steel door and explode the red one on top of it. The tunnel will lead to two more Rivet Bots. Fire away, as they are at close range, then go inside the room. 5 more Sweeper Bots will come down on each side, and once taken care of, grab the Nanotech if needed. Head up to the elevator, and walk down the tunnel. A movie sequence will begin.

Movie Sequence

Ratchet looks down on the unconscious Clank, and tries to get down. The Thief appears behind him, and pushes him down. Ratchet is winded, and cannot get out. He is trapped.


Complete the Electrolyzer Circuit, and another movie sequence will begin.

Movie Sequence

Clank is revived, but disoriented and dizzy. Ratchet affectionally says hello, but cannot get out. Enter Clank.

Escape Ratchet

After Ratchet is trapped down in the room, gameplay turns to Clank. Compared to Ratchet, Clank has extremely limited agility, but still has his Heli-Pack upgrade. Glide down to the ledge, and punch out the sweeper-bots. Around the edge of the building are four little Micro-Bots you can control once you smash open the stasis jars. Cute, are not they? If you press PlayStationTriangle, there will be a list of commands you can issue to the Micro-Bots, including Wait, Follow, Enter and Attack. Do not worry about the Enter command for now. Looking back, there will be a Laser-Bot at the edge of the bridge. Order the Micro-Bots to attack the Laser Bot. Notice that the Micro-Bots automatically respawn if destroyed. Make your way across the bridge, then whack open the stasis jar containing the Bridge Bot. These guys will take on the form of bridges extending themselves from one ledge to another on command. When everyone is across, command the Bridge Bot to retract itself. It will retract on the same side Clank is on. Inside the building there will be another stasis jar with yet another bot: the lifter bot. These will lift things out the way. Select the Lift command, and the bot will be too happy to obey. Once he's done, he shows off his stature and smiles, before returning to Clank. Now, there will be a ledge accessible only with the Bridge Bot. Use him to make a platform, then send over the Micro-Bots to attack the two Laser Bots. There are two stasis jars in the nearby room to keep you happy, so do not worry if they are zapped. Now, stand next to the bot port projecting the number 2. The number specifies how many Micro-Bots have to go into the bot port for the door to open. Select the Enter command from the menu. The antennae on the Micro-Bots will glow blue, and they will disappear into the bot port. The door rolls up so you can now open the door and free Ratchet.

Go back to the ship

The MegaCorp HelpDesk Assistant will explain how you can use Clank as a backpack hovermachine. Now, make your way around the building until you see a ledge. Double-press PlayStationCross to glide down. Notice how much further and higher Ratchet can jump with Clank. Once you are safe, you can experiment. Glide down to the other building, and whack all the crates and lap-posts for bolts. Watch out for the red crates, though. Make your way to the Translocator. Use it to head back to the start of the level.

Visit Clank's Apartment

At the starting Vendor, turn right. Whack all the crates (Except for the red one, which you can explode at a distance), lamp-posts and the rubbish monitor for bolts. whack over the trash can, and 5 or so Sweeper Bots will teleport in. Dispose of the trash neatly, then proceed to the next room through the cross-shaped forcefield. Tip over the rubbish bin, then take out the two Laser Bots with the Lancer/Seeker Gun as needed. One shot of the seeker will do it each. In the next area, there are more Sweeper Bots, disposable with the Tesla Claw or other rapid-fire weapons. there are more on the steps too, so watch out. Go up the top and through the cylindrical tunnel. Several Sweeper Bots will come down as you kick over the trash can, and two Laser Bots as well. in a pack, you can easily take them out with the Gravity Bomb/Mini-Nuke if you have it. Go out through the tunnel once the forcefield has been deactivated. Look! That is the Thugs-4-.Less Leader! Do not worry, he will not attack, so, forget him. Next jump across the 2 platforms and take out the Sweepers with a rapid-fire weapon. Down the alley will be several Laser Bots, but you will be unreachable to them. Use the (Heavy) Lancer to take them all out, or use them for target practice with the Pulse Rifle. Leap across, but do not turn right just yet. Go to the end of the alleyway and look down. At first, you may think that there is a bottomless drop just waiting for Ratchet to fall in, but there isn't. Jump down to snag a platinum bolt. Now, jump up and turn left into the room ahead. Do not hop down just yet, and take the rubbish bin out from the ledge. A lot of Sweepers will come down, confused by your absence. Use the Gravity Bomb/Mini-Nuke to destroy them all, jump down and load the Blitz Gun/Cannon and take out the Laser Bots that appear as you touch down. If Ratchet has sustained an injury or two, take the two Nanotech spheres at the side. Go through the next tunnel, then you see the Thug Leader again! But do not worry still, he will not attack. Take care of the two Laser Bots, then take the elevator pad upwards. Ratchet arrives at a room with two trashcans. Explode one then the other one when you take care of the other ones, then load the Blitz Gun/Cannon and go insane. Once done, clear up the mess, and proceed along the bridge. Take the four ammunition boxes (You will need them) and get ready for a showdown with that annoying chopper you saw twice already.

Boss: Thugs-4-Less Leader (Helicopter)

The Thugs-4-Less Leader is in a helicopter for this battle. Using the Heavy Lancer to quickly drain the helicopter's health works well. The helicopter's attacks include floating electric orbs with lightning coming out them that will electrocute you, these orbs are hard to see against the sky so keep moving. The next attack uses one of the machine guns on the wings. Take refuge behind a barrier or jump over the attack while shooting it with preferably the Blitz Gun/Cannon. The most devastating attack is a rocket launcher that fires slow, non-homing missiles that will destroy the barriers, so strafe out the way or jump the missiles while attacking it with Seekers/Pulse Rifle shots. The last attack is firing both machine guns at the same time, but too little too late, the helicopter should be destroyed by then if you keep using the (Heavy) Lancer or aaChopper/Multi-Star.

Take the Translocator to Clank's Apartment.

The Apartment

At the Clank's Apartment you will find various things: Your old Swingshot and Grindboots, Jak & Daxter and the Insomniac Games Pyramid, destroy the Pyramid to get 1.048 Bolts or use the Dynamo to go to Sheep Invaders mini-game! After getting the Swingshot and the Grindboots, make your way out the apartment.

There should be a Grind rail to the left. Equip your Swingshot to swing your way to the other side. This is followed by two Versa-targets. Swing carefully to reach the other side. There is a blue versa-target attached to a lifted bridge. Pull using your gadget to bring the bridge down and access the Translocator to head back to your ship.

Slim Cognito's Weapon Modification Vendor

To get here, take the path to Clank's apartment. On your way, you should see a versa-target followed by a Grind rail. Use it and avoid the obstacles on your way. At the end, a cutscene will play showing the vendor. This vendor sells weapon mods for your different weapons. These can be bought using Platinum bolts.

Once you are done, take the Translocator nearby to head back to your ship.


Platinum Bolts

Platiunum Bolt #1 - At the second crane, there is a locked door in Crane Cam 2, go get the solid blue block in front thereof then put the explosive red crate in top of the solid blue one then after that explodes go get the Platinum Bolt!

Platinum Bolt #2 - When you see the Thug Leader for the first time, after those platforms keep forward until the end, then if you look down you see a Platinum Bolt!

Nanotech Boost

Infiltrator Needed!

In the second crane in Crane Cam 2 room there is an Infiltrator pad, complete the puzzle to get the Nanotech Boost!

Skill Points

Destroy All Breakables - Smash up the Circular City

Use the Box Breaker to do it faster

Clank's Apartment

Nice place. Luxurious as well. Grab the Swingshot and the Grindboots from Ratchet & Clank. The HelpDesk Assistant will walk you through the uses of these two gadgets. Notice the small object on the coffee table? Use the Dynamo on it to enter a mini-game of Sheep Invaders. Otherwise, bust it up for around 1000 bolts. Load the Swingshot, and target the spinning green versa-target. You will shoot out a line to land on the platform underneath. The next target, two yellow, stationary ones with a yellow fuzzy line between them, will launch you swinging back and forth. Try to land on the other platform, otherwise it's pancake Lombax. Next, there will be a rotating blue trget, which will pull a specific platform towards Ratchet. Do this, and a bridge will fall down to link you with the next. Repeat to fond the Teleportation Pad back to the Star-Cruiser.

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  • In challenge mode, it is no longer required to rescue Clank to continue the storyline, as he can be replaced by the first-person Comet-Strike; however, this is extremely difficult in some places, and impossible to beat the whole game without Clank, as he joins after escaping the prison on Aaranos. [verification needed]
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