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The Entertainment Software Rating Board or ESRB are an organization that rate many video games in the United States of America. An ESRB rating is a rating for the game to give a legal age limit for people buying the game, and a recommendation for people buying the game for someone else.

The basic ratings include:

ESRB E - E for everyone. Content that may be suitable for ages 6 and older.

ESRB E10- - E 10+ stands for Everyone aged ten and up.

ESRB T - T stands for Teen, ages thirteen (13) and up.

Rated M - M stands for Mature, ages seventeen (17) and up.

Rated AO - AO stands for Adults only, ages over eighteen (18).

NOTE: Most stores do not have AO games.

ESRB RP - RP stands for Rating pending, which means it still needs to be rated. This is usually used on websites for pre-released games or for advertisement game covers.

See also

  • OFLC, the Australian media rating system.
  • PEGI, the European computer and video game rating system.

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