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Enemies encountered:

Saw Bot

Axe Bot

Large Axe Bot

Blarg Trooper

Welcome to Eudora, for this planet you should of got the tresspasser from Aridia. This planet is being deforested by Drek's troops and it's your job to finish them off.

Explore the mills

We'll start of by taking out the robots in the surrounding area, heck, you never know, you may find something useful. Take out the three blue robots infront of you, a simple comet strike should take them out. Now turn to your left before spinning the bolt crank and take out all the little saw bots, watch out, they are powerful in swarms. Once you have done that notice the gold bolt on a ledge above you. Helipack up there and get it, it's the only gold bolt on this level, so all the secrets have been found. Now spin the bolt crank round to extend the bridge. Up ahead are more saw bots, kill them and collect the bolts. there is another ledge here, go up there and kill the sawbot, then collect the bolts. Continue down the path and take out the rest of the sawbots. Jump up the ledge and kill the blue axe bot infront of you. Now spin the bolt crank and extend the bridge.

Once this bridge is extended, head up the path and watch out now, there is not just a sawbot, these here are blarg troopers, they shoot and run and they can be difficult to catch, but once you do, use the comet strike to take them out. Collect the boxes and head up the steps.


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