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Eviscerator battle

This is the walkthrough for Eviscerator in Ratchet: Deadlocked


Eviscerator have a precise pattern:

  • He run into Ratchet swinging his blade: get out his line of attack.
  • He do some flip towards Ratchet and when is near he'll attack: jump away before get hit.
  • He hover and shoot a ray that follow Ratchet: move continuously and shoot when possible.
  • He mock Ratchet for three seconds, then start over.

After lose a quarter of life, Eviscerator shield himself and some Swarmers appear: kill them to continue the battle.Now, before use the ray, he'll release a missiles rain and immediately the ray: try to avoid the missiles and shoot when get a chance. When he lose half energy, he'll shield himself again and call other Swarmers: kill them. now Eviscerator will fight with the Swarmers: finish him with The Arbiter or with the Fusion Rifle.

Skill Points

Eviscerator Raider: Kill Eviscerator with only the Scorpion Flail. Bolts: 5.900

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