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Exterminator trading cards were trading cards meant to promote DreadZone Exterminators, as well as various other DreadZone foes, such as Landstalkers.

During his stay in DreadZone, Ratchet could collect six Exterminator cards for completing various tasks.

By collecting all of the cards, a new cheat called Ninja Ratchet was unlocked.

Obtainable cards

Other cards (non-collectible)

Behind the scenes

  • At one point in Deadlocked, Eugene was seen using a Lawn Ninjas card.
  • A Landstalker card was used by Vernon, but was called a "Spider Tank."
  • After the events of Deadlocked, Big Al formed the Ratchet Fan Club and became its leader, but he was forced to step down after a presumed fight over a set of Exterminator Trading Cards.


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