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This is the walkthrough for Fastoon.

First visit

When you arrive at this planet, you have to use your Swingshot to get to the other side of a hole. You will see an old ship which is actually Aphelion. You can see a little path over the scape pod. If you go there you will find the first Lombax flight component.There is also a big gear.If you go on the very top you will find another ship part.The third one is on a path you can go by a gravity ramp. If you go to the right from the ramp, you will see some Swingshot targets. If you defeat the enemies a door will open and there you will find another part. If you go to a room with a pool and swim through an underwater tunel, you will find the fifth one. Next to the same room you can find a little entrance. Ratchet is too big to go through it but you can get to it with Clank! Here you will find the Zoni and you can slow the time down. The first part is easy. You need to make the Zoni follow you. Then you can open a door by standing on a button. Just run to get through it. For the next one you will need to slow the time. There are some holes that you can pass with gliding but for the bigger ones you will need the "Levitation" command. Also you can fix elevators and other things with the "Manipulate" command. At the last room, you can find the third try-pad by selecting the "Manipulate" command. The box in the middle will disjoint and there will be the pad! When you open this door you will find the Lombax component, meaning you can repair Aphelion. The first time you visit this planet you will not find any gold bolts.

Flight Component Locations

There were six flight components around. This guide will help you.

  • The first part was at the back of the area you landed. After you cross, look at the back, you will see a way. Go up there and fight through. After, get it. Take the zipline to go back.
  • The second part is at the top of the big broken gear. Go up there and fight the enemies. At the top, get the component.
  • The third part is on the building on the left. Use your Gravity Boots to go up to enter the building. Defeat the enemies as you go through. At the terrace, get the component.
  • The fourth part is on another building. Find the swingshot targets and use your Swingshot to cross. Defeat the enemies as you go through. Get the component.
  • The fifth part is on the building on the right. Go right and defeat the enemies and go underwater. But before you swim, there are bombs on your path so avoid touching them. Defeat few enemies and swim. On your left, get the component.
  • The final part is on the Raritanium Mine. It's time to play as Clank! (See walkthrough for Clank above).

Collect all of the Flight Components to repair Aphelion.

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