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Find a way to the Thugs-Less-Jamming Array was a mission that Ratchet had to complete in the Maktar Nebula.

The Thugs-4-Less had placed a moon-sized Jamming Array close to the Maktar Resort. The interference caused by the Array was making broadcasting of the Galactic Gladiators commercials impossible, so Mr. Fizzwidget dispatched Ratchet to destroy the Array, as it was understandable that this problem caused MegaCorp large economic losses.

Ratchet traversed a small part of the Maktar Resort casino and maintenance area in order to get to a taxi, which would then ferry him to the Jamming Array. Along the way, Ratchet confronted Thugs-4-Less Brutes and Chickenbots. He also made good use of the Tractor Beam he had purchased on planet Oozla to get past several force fields and locked doors. Notably, Ratchet used the Tractor Beam to manipulate a maintenance robot in order to gain access to certain parts of the maintenance sector.

Ratchet also had to use the Tractor Beam to throw special bombs in order to destroy the force field that was protecting the taxi that he would then use to travel to the Jamming Array.

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