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Find the Desert Riders was a mission Ratchet had to complete on planet Barlow.

Ratchet first saw the Desert Riders' commercial in the taxi he was using to return from the Jamming Array to the Maktar Resort; this commercial was shown to him by Mr. Fizzwidget, who was now able to broadcast MegaCorp's commercials thanks to the removal of the Jamming Array.

In said commercial, the Desert Riders were shown to be a gang of misfit hoverbikers who raced through Barlow's deserts at great speed.

Since the biker who appeared in said commercial was of the same species as the Thugs-4-Less, Ratchet took an interest in finding the biker gang.

In order to reach the biker, Ratchet had to go through a section of the desert that was overrun with Cute hounds of cuddly death and Vukovar tribesmen, who offered some resistance to Ratchet's advance.

Ratchet did eventually reach the biker, and convinced him to let him participate in one of their races. The biker even showed Ratchet and Clank a video of his boss stating the coordinates for their next rendez-vous, which is how Ratchet was able to intercept the Thugs-4-Less fleet in the Feltzin system.

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