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This is the walkthrough for Florana in Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal.

Main Path

After Ratchet gets off the ship, you must direct him down the path. Here, you will find a Gadgetron Weapon Vendor. You will then see floating platforms in which you can jump on. There will be flies waiting for you; kill them with your wrench or with other weaponry. After killing the flies, there is a path to your left. You have two options- a cave with a motherload of crates to your left or face an enemy to your right. You will have to eventually go right to move on. After you defeat the enemy, jump onto the next platform. As soon as you land, a sea monster will appear out the swamp. Kill it by using more powerful weapons and keep moving to avoid being hit, then move onto the next platform. As you try to go inside, two "natives" will appear. Shoot them down then go inside. Inside more natives will attack you. Once they are done, go up the rocks inside the building. Long jump then to the next platform. Some more natives will attack you, once they are gone some more Nabla Natives will come from the glass windows. Defeat them and climb up the yellow ladder. At the top should be two enemies take them out with your wrench or Shock Blaster. You are now at a continue point and stock up on ammo at the nearby vendor. Once you get down to the bottom look back and climb up the yellow ladder. Behind the ladder should be a secret alcove with a titanium bolt! Now proceed to the main path, and a native will appear as well as a swamp monster. Take them out with the Nitro Launcher. Hop on to the next platform, do you see a crate that is red and orange? Break it and now you've gotten inferno powers! You will take no damage, and you can only use the wrench. Every swing will automatically defeat an enemy so use it wisely. Enter the building to ensue some more evil natives attacking you. You are caged so be careful here. After a few rounds of the monsters, wall jump to the next area. Either go ahead or go behind the area with the yellow ladder to find some bolts. Also there is a secret area here. Go to the edge of this area and traverse from the ledge of the building. At the end should the Ratchet trophy! Now go back to the main path, destroy the natives there and grind down the vine. There will be fire flies so take them out with your wrench or better yet, the Plasma Whip. Proceed forward to fight two swamp monsters, so pull out the Nitro Launcher. Ahead should be more natives and a path leading to another yellow ladder, climb it and kill more flies. Go on the vine and watch a cutscene when you make it to the platform to the bottom.

Path of Death

This place is easy and very linear; get past the course that he makes you go through. Be aware of the falling boulders, fire geysers, the platforms that fall, and especially the lava pit. Once you make it through you get to fight someone you wanted to kill many years ago…


Captain Qwark lost his memories and is going to fight you. This battle is not hard at all, just remember to evade his boomerangs. The N60 Storm will help substantially with this fight. When Qwark loses a lot of HP, he will hide and make his friends fight you, so have the Nitro Launcher ready at your disposal. When he dies, a cutscene will occur and you will head back to your ship.

Hidden Items

Titanium Bolts

There are 2 hidden titanium bolts on this planet.

  • After the first continue point, jump down but before heading in the building, look behind you. Head over there and you should see a yellow ladder and a hidden alcove. On the alcove will be the bolt.
  • After the section with 2 Nabla Natives coming after you (just before the fire platforms and just after the bouncing rocks), on the Path of Death, go jump to a platform that will not break. Look to your right and you should see a hidden alcove. Jump there and you got your reward.

Skill Points

There is 1 skill point to obtain on this planet.

  • Stay Squeaky Clean: Clear the Path of Death course without taking a hit. Short note: Using the Shield Charger will not earn the skill point even if you use it on.


There is 1 hidden trophy on this planet.

Go to the area behind the yellow ladder of the first wall jump section in the second building. Go to the edge of this building and jump to the ledge. You will not fall, so traverse across to find a hidden alcove containing the trophy.


  • In challenge mode if you have the RYNOCIRATOR you can beat Qwark in 2 shots.

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