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The Flux Rifle is a weapon manufactured by Gadgetron in Up Your Arsenal and its multiplayer. It is a long-range sniper rifle with a scope allowing it to zoom in on enemies from a distance.

The Flux Rifle is available upon reaching Aquatos from a vendor for 75,000 bolts. With use, it can be upgraded to the Splitter Rifle, and in challenge mode, it can be upgraded to the Mega Splitter Rifle for 340,000 bolts.


The Flux Rifle is a long, thin, dark green and orange rifle with a small yellow scope, a small magazine and a left-hand grip. The Pulse Rifle is an orange and silver rifle with a slightly larger nozzle and magazine.


The Flux Rifle fires a single, powerful bullet which deals heavy damage. It is most when aimed down its scopes, as it should be precisely aimed to hit enemies in order to deal heavy damage, as it can very easily miss. It can prove very strategic due to its range and scope, but its weakness in combat makes it a very niche weapon.

The Flux Rifle's weakness in combat is that it is nigh impossible to aim the weapon at enemies without taking damage first. Its use is in being able to destroy larger enemies from a distance before engaging in combat with them, to reduce the threat beforehand. Its limited ammunition and small radius make firing at larger mobs of smaller enemies wasteful. The Flux Rifle is also useful against bosses, partly due to its damage, but also because bosses are large targets and easy to hit without aiming down the scope.

The Flux Rifle's shots at V4 explode, and as the Splitter Rifle can be fired through enemies. These upgrades makes it very effective when fired against enemies that are close together. The Splitter Rifle's damage should not be ignored against bosses.


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