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The Flux Rifle was a long-range weapon manufactered by Gadgetron Corporation. When it was upgraded, it gained the ability to go through multiple enemies. Its V5 upgrade was called the Splitter Rifle. When used in online mode, Lock-Strafe and First Person mode gave this gun a reticule without having to enter sniper mode, deeming "scoping" online to be useless. It was very powerful, and had the greatest range of all the weapons, accompanied with a zoom ability, but also has a low ammo capacity, a slow rate of fire, and is almost useless when not sniping. You can, however, use the space in between Ratchet's ears or the Robo Rooster's head to aim.

Ratchet could obtain this weapon, for the first time, from the Deep Sea Hideout on Aquatos.


As it was a rifle, it had a lot of power. Two shots with this rifle could kill a player with full health. Also, once upgraded on multiplayer, it is very effective on enemy turrets and players as it could kill in one shot.

The design of this weapon in multiplayer is the same as the Vaporizer in the previous game.


Version Functionality Power
V1 Standard weapon 300
V2 More damage 400
V3 More damage 500
V4 Explosive shots 1,600
V5 Shots go through enemies 2,800


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