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This article explains how to use the Flux Rifle.

This weapon is a long ranged weapon in Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal. It is useful for sniping strong enemies from a long distance or to avoid death.

How to obtain

This weapon can first be obtained at Dr Nefarious' Deep Sea Base/Hideout on Aquatos. It can be bought for 75,000 bolts. A good way to get the money for this weapon while still on Aquatos is to gather sewer crystals and keep selling them until you have enough bolts.


To upgrade this weapon you must be up to The Command Center on planet Mylon. This being the last planet it might be tricky to get up to it. By now all the Tyhrranoids will have been turned into robots by the Bio-Bliterator and will be much more stronger in defense and attack. What you have to do is at the very start of the level there is a Hypershot link. Do not use this link but equip your Flux Rifle (it can be any level V1-V8) and go to zoom in; it goes to the weapon's scope. With the scope zoom in on one of the large four eyed Tyhrranoids and shoot, at V1 it will take about two or three shots to kill one but as you have eight ammo and there are two of them, you should be able to kill them both. Once you have, commit suicide by jumping over the edge and then repeat the process. This is very helpful and fast. As an alternative, for those who haven't reached the Command Center yet, Zeldrin starport is a great place to level the Flux Rifle. At the very beginning of the level, on the right path, a line of 4 or 5 soldiers should be marching back and fourth. To level the rifle, shoot at the line of soldiers from afar, before they descover you, and you should wipe out every single one in 1 or 2 shots. Jump into the lava, and repeat. This method works particularley well in challenge mode, as the Splitter Rifle can easily wipe out the line of soldiers in 1 shot. Once you have gotten it to V5, it is now called Splitter Rifle, but it works in much the same way; however, it is far more powerful. If you are on Challenge Mode, you may buy the Mega upgrade. Upgrade it to V8, and you get a very powerful longrange weapon, which works quite well against bosses.


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