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Get me out this thing you Blarg headed frak monkey!
Ratchet to Al after Ratchet is first able to speak in his Marauder Armor  [Deadlocked]

A frak monkey was a species. It was used as an insult meaning the creature was probably considered particularly unintelligent or had some sort of repulsive feature.[1] However, space pirates in the Ublik Passage could be overheard talking about Big Al. They say: "Due to that little Cragmite fella, I've been havin' to watch that Big Al's bot Wars show every day in Metropolis, you know Big Al that Frak monkey." This may mean Big Al actually was a frak monkey (and half Cyborg), but it may have just been another insult, possibly due to his look.


Notes and references

  1. "Get me out this thing you Blarg headed frak monkey!" - Ratchet: Deadlocked cutscene.

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