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"Fred" was an interdimensional being that attacked enemies through the Rift Inducer 5000 (and Rift Ripper 5000) portal.


Appearance and Abilities

Fred is a massive tentacled being from an unknown dimension. His eye is on a stalk, and it has a slit eye like a cat's. Fred appears to have six tentacles with suckers on the "paws." What the rest of Fred's body looks like is currently unknown, as it remains in his dimension when he partly enters ours. Fred attacks by smacking his foes, then making them weak enough to drag them back to his dimension so that he can eat them. Some prey is to big even for Fred, in which case he beats it until it dies or until he heads back into his home dimension. Fred was also very durable, as once the weapon was upgraded to Rift Ripper 5000 he could survive the portal he came through snapping shut and explosing with no damage to him whatsoever.


From what's known about Fred, he is sentient, possibly the only member of his race to exist currently or ever to have existed. GrummelNet states Fred enjoys long walks on the beach, reading and mauling his foes so that he can feast on them. Fred may be evil, or he simply enjoys destroying his foes.



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