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The Full Moon Show is a podcast created by Insomniac Games to keep their fans up to date on their current projects and what the team is doing in the world of gaming.[1] The Podcast is updated on the first and third Thursday of every month, with the exception of July 2009, which did not feature a podcast on the third Thursday due to some of the staff going to Comic Con that week to showcase a panel on Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time. The podcast was instead updated on the last week of the month.[2]


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Production Update

This is the segment where the team discusses how production of their current game is going, from Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction (Season 1), Resistance 2 (Season 2), to Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time (Season 3). The exact content of this segment varies depending on the podcast's proximity to the release date. Towards the beginning of the season, they talk about any problems with the project, and any "big ideas" that help keep the project jump-started, while towards the middle and end, they talk about the release of demos, the final steps, the production of discs, until the release date is finally reached. The whole time, the team keeps their fans as up-to-date as possible without giving anything away such as spoilers, special features, and anything in testing by Insomniac Games.

Mystery Guest

"Mystery Guest" is a segment that airs almost every episode. The Mystery Guest in question is someone who does not work at Insomniac Games, yet has caught the attention of the team. It is usually a notable member of the gaming world, but may also be a player that the Insomniac workers feel deserve air time. The team will hint at who the mystery guest is before revealing the actual person, and for each Mystery Guest, Insomniac donates $500 to "Child's Play", a charity that sends toys and video games to hospitals across the world. Insomniac keeps a record of past mystery guests on their website.[1]

I Want Your Job!

With so many people wanting jobs at Insomniac, from Burbank to North Carolina, and with Insomniac only having so many jobs to spare, this segment allows those who do work at Insomniac to explain how they got their job, although some guests tend to forget exactly how they became accepted to the team.

Community Update

This segment is dedicated to the updates that pertain to the MyResistance group, such as problems with the servers, fixing said problems, new patches, answering the community questions, and other things that are brought up for the subject. During seasons 1 and 3, this segment was noticeably shorter, due to the team not working on an actual Resistance game during those seasons. Season 1 had the least amount of time for this subject, because of the production of Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction and season 2 was dedicated the most to this segment because of Resistance 2's development. Season 3 had moderate time dedicated because they were not working on a Resistance game, but because of the release of Resistance 2, they were still very much involved with the community.

Rolf's Rant

Rolf Mohr, a former employee of Insomniac Games, would rant and rave about things on his mind, usually from the last episode, during this segment. He would focus on things from his music and gaming interests, to UFOs and conspiracy theories. Around the middle of Season 2, Rolf was no longer working at Insomniac Games and this segment was discontinued.


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