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Fusion Bomb
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The Fusion Bomb was a bomb that, after the main explosion, left behind little exploding pellets called Intelli-Seeking Pyrocidic Nitroballs, much like the Bouncer. These Nitroballs sought out nearby opponents and hit them, dealing more damage than before. The main bomb did not detonate upon hitting the ground, but one second after being thrown. It was the V5 of the Fusion Grenade.

Intelli-Seeking Pyrocidic Nitroballs

In Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty, the Intelli-Seeking Pyrocidic Nitroballs were removed and replaced with a core filled with pure nitrolux gel causing the bomb to burn hotter.

Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus

The Fusion Bomb upgraded from the Fusion Grenade at V3. It was once again compatible with Raritanium upgrades.

Raritanium Weapon Upgrades

  • Blast Radius: Increases the width of the explosions.
  • Damage: Increases the damage dealt to opponents.
  • Ammo: Increases ammo capacity.
  • Core Charge: Direct hits deal additional damage.
  • Nitroball Count: Increases the amount of nitroballs in grenades.

Mystery Upgrades

  • Sticky Grenade: When grenades explode, they cover the ground or nearby enemies with sticky explosives to do more damage.
  • Sticky Damage: Increases the damage of sticky grenades.


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