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Nothing ruins an enemy's day like a thermonuclear hand grenade.
―Slogan on GrummelNet weapon vendor description.  [ToD]
Artwork Weapon Fusion Grenade

The Fusion Grenade was a GrummelNet weapon that allowed the user to lob powerful thermonuclear grenades at enemies. The grenades did not explode on contact, but exploded one second after being thrown, similar to the effect gained by the Timed Trigger Constructo Mod. The grenades' blast radius, even without upgrades, was massive and could easily deal with any early on enemies. The Fusion Grenade upgraded into the Fusion Bomb at V5, which added GrummelNet's patented "Intelli-Seeking Pyrocidic Nitroballs" to each grenade.


Tools of Destruction

A Fusion Grenade is the next generation of explosive bombs, now designed to burst in the air instead of the ground
―Survival Guide Weapon Description  [ToD]

Ratchet started the game with the Fusion Grenade in his arsenal, along with his Combuster. Each grenade dealt 150 damage without Raritanium upgrades, making it the most powerful weapon early on. However, like all of the weapons Ratchet started with in previous games, it eventually became obsolete in power. The special Raritanium upgrade for this weapon was Concussion Detonators, which would knock down enemies that were not killed in each blast for a longer time.


Damage increased by 15% of previous damage each upgrade. Weapon damage without Raritanium upgrades:

  • V1: 150
  • V2: 173
  • V3: 198
  • V4: 228
  • V5: 262
Raritanium upgrades

Quest for Booty

Ratchet started the game with the Fusion Grenade, but it was lost in the Azorean Sea shortly after when Rusty Pete shot him, along with Talwyn Apogee, to Hoolefar Island. Pete later returned the Fusion Grenade along with the Combuster to Ratchet after Pete resurrected Slag and Darkwater in Morrow Caverns. It started at V3 and upgraded into the Fusion Bomb at V5'.. Instead of the Fusion Bomb releasing bomblets by default, like in Tools of Destruction, the Concussion Detonators upgrade needed to be found before it began releasing bomblets.

Location of the Concussion Detonators

The Concussion Detonators upgrade could be found in the underwater tunnel in the bay of Hoolefar Island. To get it, dive into the bay and enter the underwater tunnel, avoiding the mines. Jump out the water, and smash the crates in front of you. Blow down the gate with a Fusion Grenade, and behind it was the Concussion Detonators upgrade.

  • V3: 154
  • V4: 180
  • V5: 216

Into the Nexus

Ratchet obtained the Fusion Grenade when he reentered the Nebulox Seven Prison Ship after Vendra Prog had disrupted the gravity. The Fusion Grenade's bomb exploded after hitting a surface. 

The Fusion Grenade upgraded to the Fusion Bomb at V3.

Weapon summaries

This lobbed bomb creates an explosive blast on impact.
―Weapon Description  [R&C (PS4)]
Can be upgraded to the Fusion bomb, which adds Intelli-Seeking Pyrocidic Nitroballs. Which is Nice.
―Card Description  [R&C (PS4)]


  • If Ratchet equipped a skin, the bomb would appear but not the glove.


Notes and references

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