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Lucy wearing Lombax ears

Test Dummy: Umm, sir? We have the latest sale figures.
Gleeman Vox: Yeah, what's the bottom line?
Test Dummy: Umm… nobody is buying the new Ace Hardlight merchandise. In fact, sales are down across the board… except for Fuzzy Lombax ears.
Gleeman Vox: We sell those?
Test Dummy: Uh, yes, sir. They are an accessory of the Tiny Tots Assault Weapons Kit.
―Conversation between a Test Dummy and Gleeman Vox  [Deadlocked]

Fuzzy Lombax ears was a part of the Tiny Tots Assault Weapons Kit. It was said to be the only item which Vox Industries was able to sell.[1]

They represented a pair of a Lombax's ears and looked similar to the real-world item Lombax Ears.


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