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The Galactic Gladiators logo, found on advertising

Ask yourself: Are you man enough, hero enough, insane enough to step into the ring of two of the most fiercest warriors in the galaxy? If you answered yes, you're a big, fat liar!
―Commercial for the Galactic Gladiators show  [GC]

Galactic Gladiators was a popular Holovision show in the Bogon Galaxy. Sponsored by MegaCorp and filmed at the Maktar Resort, it was also one of the most dangerous shows on the HoloVid. It became famous for featuring the huge gladiators Chainblade and the B2 Brawler, whose appearances drastically reduced the amount of contestants on the show.

Ratchet came here to earn the Electrolyzer.


Galactic Gladiators advert

An advert for contestants on Galactic Gladiators

Normal challenges

Timed challenges

  • Timed Avoidance Challenge - dodge Chainblade for two minutes
  • Time Challenge - Kill 30 Enemies in 30 Seconds
  • Time Challenge - Kill 60 Enemies in 60 Seconds
  • Time Challenge - Kill 90 Enemies in 90 Seconds

Limited weapon challenges

Boss challenges

Other challenges

Arena quotes

Maktar Resort battle arena teleporter

The teleporter to the Galactic Gladiators arena at the Maktar Resort

Ratchet wink

Ratchet, after completing the challenge "Battle for the Electrolyzer."

When Ratchet is taking damage

  • "Ooh, that'll leave a mark!"
  • "No matter what galaxy you're from, that's got to hurt!"
  • "It's looking pretty bad for this guy." (low health)
  • "Another alien bites the dust." (death) (reference to Another One Bites the Dust, a song by rock band Queen)

When killing lots of enemies in a short amount of time

  • "Where does this guy come from‽"
  • "This guy's on a rampage!"
  • "The furry guy is on a rampage!"
  • "I cannot believe what I'm seeing!"
  • "I've got my money on the Lombax with spunk!"
  • "It's like watching a train wreck! Wow!"

After Ratchet has won a battle

  • "We have a winner!"
  • "You have won the prize!"
  • "You are the winner!"
  • "Congratulations on winning the Mega Challenge!"
  • "You have won the Ultimate Challenge, congratulations!"


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