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A Galactic Greeting was a message sent from one person in the galaxy to another person. It consisted of an automated male voice that gave the message, and a gap for you to fill in the words with your own voice.


This is what a standard Galactic Greeting would say:

"Hello *name of recipient*, you lucky devils! *Name of sender*has sent you a Galactic Greeting! *Message*. We hope you enjoyed your Galactic Greeting!

Appearance in Game

This is what is said in the game, the message is sent by Angela Cross:
Galactic Greeting Messenger Voice:"Hello…"
Angela:"Ratchet and Clank…"
Galactic Greeting Messenger Voice:"…you Lucky Devils!"
Angela:"Angela Cross…"
Galactic Greeting Messenger Voice: "…has sent you a Galactic Greeting!"
Angela:"Guys, if you get this message, please meet me on my home world. Just so you know, I've found my old ID badge. I'm pretty sure we can still use it to infiltrate MegaCorp HQ, but you are going to have to hurry before the Protopets completely overrun us! Oh, and sorry for the balloon-a-gram, it was the only thing I could get off this plan…"
[Angela is cut off]
Galactic Greeting Messenger Voice:"We hope you enjoyed your Galactic Greeting!"


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