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Galactic Rangers
"I don't wanna die!"
―A typical line from a Galactic Ranger in battle.[src]
Galactic Ranger

Two Galactic Rangers in the heat of battle

The Galactic Rangers were robots employed by the Galactic Government to protect the Solana galaxy. They first appear in Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal, fighting off the Tyhrranoids on planet Veldin. They were often cowardly and reluctant to fight, but did so nonetheless with great heart.[1] The Rangers used a dropship for transportation. Their standard weapon was a weak arm-mounted blaster.


Up Your Arsenal

On Veldin the Galactic Rangers mistook Ratchet for their new sergeant and referred him as "Sarge," thrusting him into protecting the planet Veldin. The Rangers eventually assisted Ratchet on several planets, including Marcadia and Rilgar, armed with arm-mounted blasters and Nitro Launchers.[1] Ratchet occasionally had to complete missions with the Galactic Rangers in order to progress through the game. However, many missions were optional and may be completed for extra bolts, various gadgets and even a trophy.

In the final fight with Dr. Nefarious, the Rangers that appeared on Mylon were significantly stronger than before, and were able to take down enemy Soldier Bots and Mega Bots with ease.
Concept Art - Galactic Ranger

Concept art of a Galactic Ranger

Ratchet & Clank comic series

In the comic series the Rangers were in any ground combat, however aided Sasha Phyronix in dogfights either to rescue Talwyn or get the crystal shard, however they were nowhere near as cowardly as before and were much more of assistance than in Up Your Arsenal .

Other appearances

Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal multiplayer

The Galactic Rangers where forces that appeared at main bases and nodes captured by a team, the Rangers were also the neutral enemy units. They only appeared in Siege and Capture the Flag and came in three colors. Red, blue and gray. The Galactic Rangers would fire at anything not on their team including other Rangers. The only exception were turrets.


  • Galactic Ranger Trooper
  • Galactic Ranger Engineer
  • Galacitc Ranger Medic
  • Galactic Ranger Riot Squad
  • Galactic Ranger Support Unit

Notable Rangers

"Galactic Ranger #1: Anybody have any idea of how we're supposed to shut down this forcefield?
Galactic Ranger #2: Uh, H26. Why don't you try sticking your finger in the main power transformer?
H26: You sure that's a good idea, sir? This thing looks pretty dangerous.
Galactic Ranger #2: Suck it up, 26, you got nothing to worry about! I got special training in electronic… thing-a-ma-jigys!
H26: Okay, here goes. AHHHHH!
Galactic Ranger #2: H26, comeback.
Galactic Ranger #3: Uh, H26 has been vaporized, sir. But the forcefield has been deactivated.
Galactic Ranger #2: All right, that trooper deserves a medal. Complete your mission and report back to base for briefing.
―H26's final and only conversation[src]

Several rangers were named during the events of Up Your Arsenal, including H22, who another ranger claimed that they were having a birthday party for when in reality they needed Ratchet's assistance on Aridia. H26 was a ranger who died during Operation Thunderbolt when he was told by another ranger to stick his finger into the main power transformer for a Tyhrranoid base, resulting in him sacrificing himself to disable the shield. J31 was a ranger who made fun of one of his officers for his exploits in the Battle of the Amochi Flats.

Known units

Squadron Echo-Three-Bravo

A member of Squadron Echo-Three-Bravo communicating with Sasha


  1. "I don't wanna die!"
  2. "Run for your lives! Ahhh!"
  3. "F-Sector! No way, game over man, we're all going to end up like scrap metal!"
  4. "Sir, yes Sir!"
  5. "Let 'em have it Sarge!"
  6. "Watch out, they're comin' out the rubble!"
  7. "The doors have opened, look out!"
  8. "There's too many of them; we're all going to die!"
  9. "We'll cover you… from back there!"
  10. "You handle the dropships, the saucers are just icying on the cake."
  11. "Waste those Tyhrranoids!"
  12. "The noids are stormin' the bridge!"
  13. "No rush, Sarge. It's not like we're all going to die or anything!"
  14. "Oh, I just remembered I had a dentist appointment on planet Aridia. Uh, good luck with those bombs."
  15. "You see, like I said, these 'Noids don't have the bolts."
  16. "Incoming!"
  17. "Negative."
  18. "Can I watch Annihilation Nation on these things?"
  19. "All right, we kicked those noids clear out the city."
  20. "Sarge, we need to activate those turrets to create a defensive perimeter around the Valley."
  21. "We'll guard this turret, you know, just in case the 'Noids try anything sneaky"

Behind the scenes

  • The Galactic Rangers's voices were originally a typical robot monotone voice, however after an in-house petition they were changed to accommodate a more humorous and cowardly voice.


Galactic Ranger Concept Art

Concept art of a Galactic Ranger.

  • Combat bots are two times stronger and smarter than the Galactic Rangers.[2]
  • You can receive the trophy "Friend of the Rangers" by completing all the Ranger Assault missions in Up Your Arsenal.
  • Some Galactic Rangers have been shown to enjoy the holo-vision show, Annihilation Nation.[verification needed]
  • The Galactic Rangers's guns seemed to have unlimited ammo, however they could not fire them whilst running.
  • Weapons that Galactic Rangers were known to have used included the Qwack-O-Ray, a Crotchitizer, the Nitro Launcher, Shock Blaster and Concussion Guns. Ironically, even though they had access to more powerful weapons, they were almost always seen to use their arm blaster.
  • Galactic Rangers appeared in the multiplayer mode of Up Your Arsenal.
  • Galactic Rangers are much stronger towards the end of the game.
  • Galactic rangers have been seen in 4 colors, red, blue, green, gray, yellow, and black for the concept art.
  • It seems that the Galactic Rangers don't get effected by the turrets on the base as in the mission on Kavu island they don't get injured from the turrets at all.
  • In the first mission on planet Veldin, a galactic ranger jumps off the side of a cliff and blows up in mid air.
  • If all Galactic Rangers are destroyed in a mission, you can still hear their voices.
  • Sometimes a glitch happens where the voices of the Galactic Rangers are either lower or higher in pitch than they should be.
  • In The Ratchet & Clank Collection, the Galactic Rangers's attacks are stronger than in the PS2 version.


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