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Enemies encountered

  • Chompers
  • Blarg Generator
  • Blarg Paratrooper
  • Seeker

This is the walkthrough for Gaspar.

Main path

Start off by entering the lift and going down. Use the turret to kill any dogs, and then blast the barrier. Continue, and kill these enemies. Basically, kill all enemies in any way, use the turrets on the barriers, and destroy most boxes. When you reach the room full of tanks, release two Glove of Doom canisters. Destroy anything that remains. Continue until you collect the Pilot's Helmet. Make your way back to the ship, and now to Orxon!

Gold bolts

  • You need the Swingshot and the Helipack; from your ship, go straight forward to the ledge and look down. You will see a metal platform. Follow the path and destroy all of the bombers along the way by shooting down the things they are connected to. Then, go to the last platform and you will see, to its right, smaller platforms (that sink in the lava when you jump on them) that lead to the gold bolt. Get it.
  • You need the Helipack: you need to finish the planet first. Then, go where you got the Pilot's Helmet and look down from the right of the elevator. You will see an opening in some kind of volcano. Glide into that opening and prepare to fight your way through. In the end of the path you will come out the volcano and the gold bolt will be just a bit further along.

Skill points

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