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This is the walkthrough for Gemlik Base.

Main path

Always make sure you have a Glove of Doom and Decoy Glove canisters deployed before venturing near a turret bubble. Start by gliding down and wiping out everything. Shoot the thing that looks like a lighthouse to remove the forcefield. Wipe out all enemies. After a while, you will reach a hangar with a ship inside. Blast it from afar with the Visibomb Gun. You will now meet two more ships. Do the same. After a short while, you will reach a segment with rising yellow-green acid. Quickly jump to the middle platform, and then to the next area. The acid will kill you if you fall into it more than twice in a row. Quickly use the Swingshot to the next section, and kill everything there. The next segment requires easy timing. Just move when the plasma falls and you will be fine. Take out the next soldier. Here, save the lower barrels so you can jump and glide onto them and climb out. Kill the following enemies. Walk up to the Gadgetron vendor and refill on everything. Fire a Visibomb through the hole and destroy the tower in the building. Walk in, and destroy the ship. Walk through. However, it is impossible to walk past the gunners without using the Decoy Glove, but go through the other side, with the Tresspasser. Destroy the enemies here. Walk past the now worthless turrets and you will meet an army of twenty Robosquawkers, four Blarg Space Commandos, and Blarg starfighters. Backtrack to the vendor and refill again. Return. These turrets can be ran past, but expect pain. Simply shoot through the small holes. Go into the lift, which will turn upside down. Walk out, and drop down. This is why we returned to the Gadgetron vendor. Go nuts with the Pyrocitor and the Blaster, and rid everything. After killing everything, collect the bolts and continue. You will meet Captain Qwark. A cutscene will play upon reaching this point.

Shoot down Captain Qwark

Use the machine gun constantly at all times. Tape it if you have to. Shoot the ship, and shoot the missiles and the mines. Conserve use of the missiles during this segment. Save them for the last segment. Go fast, and avoid hitting anything. If you finish, Qwark will say emergency messages and then crash on Oltanis. A cutscene will play along with an Infobot message. You will reappear at the runway, and before leaving, go up the tower, and then you will reach the Gold Weapons room. Buy the weapons you want to upgrade.

Another strategy is simply to stay far from Qwark, and attack from a distance. He will then do nothing to attack you from long distance. Still, conserve the weapons until the last segment.


Gold bolts

  • You need the Visibomb Gun; at the place where there is green acid rising up and down, you can see a gold bolt behind a force field if you look from the highest platform that the acid stops on. If you have done this area before, the force field will no longer be there anymore. However, if you have not, there is a way to destroy the field; from your ship, shoot the Visibomb Gun and keep the missile going straight until you see a big large building with a wide opening in its dome-like top. Go through the opening with the missile, and then go down, following the curve of the wall. You will crash into a force field generator tower, which will deactivate the field blocking the gold bolt. Now you can go get it.

Skill points

Secret Area

In the area where you meet Captain Qwark, you will see a tower that has a glass dome on top. Go over to it and on the first time you go through, jump on the walls and you will see an elevator hidden to anyone on the ground. Go up the elevator, and a golden weapons room will appear. Whatever weapons you own that can be converted into a golden weapon will be there. You can go there even before you beat the game.

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