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Gleeman Vox

Notable quotes of Gleeman Vox.

Ratchet: Deadlocked

  • “For the love of Blarg, cut out all the sappy melodrama before you lose my entire audience!”
  • “Yeehaw!”
  • “I've been waiting a long time for this moment! I'm going to give DreadZone fans the finale they've been waiting for! It's a little one act play I call "death, of a Lombax" Mwahhh!
  • “I need a gun that launches highly explosive homing mines.”
  • “Will you lose your lunch if you have to watch one more reality dating show? Is your Blarg Gone Wild DVD scratched from overuse? Then it's time to turn that dial, to something a little more… dangerous! Time for some real action… It's time to blow #@$@ up!”
  • “Because my fans can't stand Ace hardlight 'cause he's a pompus &^%& and he's got the charisma of blargian net cheese!”

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