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The Gold Tesla Claw was a weapon manufactured by Gadgetron as the upgraded version of the deadly Tesla Claw. Instead of a blue beam, it shot a green beam that could kill up to two enemies at once.

Like all of the other Gold Weapons, this upgraded edition was available at a special room that could be accessed on Novalis after completing the original campaign. In Challenge Mode, this room held all of the upgrades available for the entire game for a fee consisting of both regular bolts and gold bolts. The Gold Tesla Claw was one of the most expensive; its price being 60,000 bolts in addition to four gold bolts. The only other weapon which cost as much was the Gold Devastator.


Ratchet firing the Gold Tesla Claw

The green beam was similar to the beam of Mega Tesla Claw, but the appearance of the actual weapon was different since the Mega version did not have the golden sheen.

Against hoardes of enemies, due to several factors including that it fired at two targets at once, caused double the damage of the already powerful Tesla Claw, had more ammo than the Gold Blaster and spent ammo slower than the Gold Blaster, it was probably the most effective weapon in the game.


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