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Gore Thwogs were Thwog like creatures similar to those found on Ardolis. Gore Thwogs were; however, only found on the planet Merdegraw, preferably caves. Unlike the Thwogs found on Ardolis, Gore Thwogs had two large glowing red eyes with black pupils, while Ardolian Thwogs had three yellow eyes with no pupil. Gore Thwogs were also smaller and lack the tails of Ardolian Thwogs that allow them to hang upside down. Ratchet was able to kill them with the Tornado Launcher, but there were limetless numbers of them, making them highly dangerous. They; however, were terribly afraid of the light, along with Helio-Grubs which produce natural light of their own. All Ratchet had to do was grab a Helio-Grub and watch them fly away in pure terror. They were first seen in the Morrow Caverns.


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