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This is the walkthrough for Gorn.

Take Down the Thugs-4-Less Ships

This mission wants you to take down all 4 Thugs-4-Less Ships; which are the big yellow dots on the radar. This is not an easy mission. I heavily suggest that you purchase ship upgrades from Slim Cognito. An upgrade that is recommended is the Fusion Laser Cannons, and the Advanced Shielding System. The Electro-Mine Launcher and Torpedoes are excellent choices if you need some more fire power in your arsenal. Once all four of them are gone, a cutscene will ensue.


There are 3 additional challenges on this planet.

Defeat the Enemy Fighters

Defeat all 32 ships. They go down easy with an upgraded laser and they will do some damage when they fire at you. The Mega Mine Launcher can take out plenty of them in a snap, but the best way is to get the Nuclear Device and fire it when you enter the challenge. It will wipe out at least 25, at most all of them in one single shot! Unfortunately the nuclear device costs a whopping 60 Raritanium.

Ghost Ship

That's right; you must take four giant ghost ships, aka: the ones you just destroyed. And to make matters worse there are many fighters firing at you. You will probably need the Mega-Mine Launcher to destroy some of the fighters in your way. It also supplies good damage toward the ghost ship. Another necessity are the Multi-Torpedo Launcher which will do great damage upon the ship. Okay as you start the mission you will see a small yellow dot on the radar. Follow it, but do not get very close to it. It will be ethereal and you cannot hit it. Wait till it becomes solid then start firing your lasers and torpedoes. You should try firing a nuclear bomb if you have it. Remember to launch some mines as you start off to defeat some of the fighters. The ship is very sturdy so keep a good look on your shield/health and you will be fine. Also pay attention to your surroundings so you do not crash.

Ace Bunyon Challenge

Another Ace Bunyon Challenge. Fly through all 53 rings and beat him.

Platinum bolt

There is one platinum bolt on this planet.

  • Beat Ace Bunyon on the 4th challenge. You MUST go through all 53 rings and it should appear at the end of the mission.

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