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Ratchet using Grav Tether beam

Ratchet using a Grav Tether beam

The Grav Tether was a gadget used by Ratchet.[1] It created a purple Grav-Stream deployed between Grav Targets and let the user float between the beams in a specific direction.[1][2] It was created by Pollyx.[3]

Behind the scenes

Grav Tether concept art

Grav Tether concept art

The Grav-Tether is used by holding L1, aiming at a Grav Target and then pressing PlayStationCircle.[2] To exit the Grav-Stream the player must press PlayStationCross.



  • When in a Grav-Stream, a song known as "Gravtether Jayne" plays.


  • Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus game manual‏‎

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